How Microsoft Have Put Their Stamp On The Business World

When you’re creating a document in Word, devising a spreadsheet in Excel, e-mailing a friend on Outlook or creating a work presentation on PowerPoint, you probably are not even consciously aware of the fact that all of these applications have been invented from the same company, and that you, like millions of others, will spend most of your life relying on them on a daily basis.

Virtually everyone uses Microsoft products daily

Accountants depend on Excel, HR staff depend on Outlook or Word, managers depend on all three of these and probably many more Microsoft applications. If all of Microsoft’s programmers suddenly failed today, the world would be in melt-down and the global recession just a few years ago would seem like a drop in the bucket compared to what would happen in the next few days, weeks, and months. That is why Active Directory tools are quite an important acquisition for educational institutes and enterprises alike.

Businesses are dependent on Microsoft Office

The most important fact about Microsoft, one that underpins its success and its ceaseless ability to monopolize this market, is that the knowledge and confidence that people have with its programmes have become intangible skills.

Is any company daring enough to steal Microsoft’s monopoly?

For any other company to steal this market and replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all of Microsoft’s other applications with alternatives would take decades, billions of dollars of investment, and far too much time for even the most ambitious and eccentrically optimistic entrepreneur.

iPads and iPhones have not replaced the traditional Windows PC 

Companies like Apple have been able to monopolize on the changes in consumer behavior – the growth of mobile technology and the popularity of portable devices like the iPad as a replacement for the conventional PC. However, in a business sense, iPads and iPhones still have their limitations, because they’re simply not designed to be used by office workers that need big computer screens with massive hard drives.

People like what they are familiar with

That’s why the Windows Operating System is the number one choice for millions of employers and employees. Many people are still too unfamiliar or too afraid to convert to the Apple Mac because of the reasons we have discussed before – they would have to learn new skills and adapt to a new operating system and product offering.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it

Many businesses prefer to stay with what they know because, with Microsoft, they already have those intangible skills that are essential for their day-to-day work. After all, why would a business decide to convert to another product offering if its existing products already perform well?

Famously pioneered by the world’s richest individual

 Certainly, Microsoft’s impact on the business world is demonstrated perfectly by the fact that its founder, Bill Gates, has been officially ranked the world’s richest individual for much of the last two decades, and regained this distinction in early 2014. However, it is difficult to predict what the future may hold for a company that has yet to succeed in the highly lucrative (and rapidly expanding) smart phone market.

A cloud-based future?

It is likely that the company will gear more of its products to the cloud, and may even consider allowing its devices to be operated by non-Microsoft software in the coming years


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