Golden Hint: From Great Ideas to Great Impact

July 7, 2014Diana Lengerson


A great idea is where change starts…

Support and advice are the other parts.

Our resources provide the spark

To improve the world and leave a mark.

Can you see the globe covered in a golden tint?

                  That’s a million great ideas, powered by Golden Hint!


Do you have a great idea, but can’t turn it into reality due to lack of funding?  58% of charities are unable to continue their work because they encounter this particular issue.

Golden Hint helps social entrepreneurs take their ideas and make a great impact on the world via a peer-to-peer advice model.

This huge community aims to create a user-friendly environment for existing and new charities, to ensure that no great ideas are left behind for lack of support.  Basically, they “open the door” by bringing people with great ideas together with partners who can help them: people with expertise, advice, and funding.


Golden Hint’s service model consists of three stages:

1.The Golden Hint Library allows you, as a charity, to get the basic information you might need and to locate funding sources for which they would be eligible.

2.The Golden Peer Network provides charities the possibility to communicate to each other and to exchange advices, ask related questions, etc.

3.The Golden Consultant Network provides hand-on expertise for clients who need more advanced help with a project.

The first two services are free of charge, while The Golden Consultant Network is operated by external partners who offer customized packages at a discount price exclusively to the Golden Hint database.

I strongly recommend you give it a try, and the best thing is that registration is free.



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