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November 30, 2014Diana Lengerson

Fashion is amazing, and it also tends to be sophisticated. It is not easy to pull off a great fashion look, and ensure that you are stylish enough. However, at, you will get the top stylish clothes and accessories.

All those who love fashion will find the perfect tool, since they can literally have their online closet everywhere, while by using the ‘Dressing Room’ they can combine their own clothes with those from the e-shop to see how they look together.

Closet on the Go is the closest way to try their clothes online, without leaving the comfort of their own home. Over 2000 brands and over 20,000 shoes, clothes and accessories allow the user to play by trying different outfits or by purchasing those they need through the e-shop.

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Features Of The Site

• Online Closet

When you enter the site, you will be introduced to an online closet, which lets you come up with your own fashion idea. You will pick out your favorite clothes, which completes an outfit, then save it. You will start by taking photos of your desired clothes, or uploading them on the site. You can then crop them and complete the outfit.

• Blog

This entails articles from top fashion designers, who provide the readers and members with tips and ideas on how to dress for various functions. The articles are uploaded with photos, which helps you to get the real idea of how to dress, whether for a lady or a guy.

• E-shop

Here, you will be able to buy items from various designer labels, which have been top rated. They include men and women clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelries, designer collections and bags.

Closet on the Go is one of the most enjoyable way to find and purchase the perfect fashion items online. This platform allows any user to create an online closet by uploading pictures in the ‘Dressing Room’ , where finding the best mix and matches with the desired products is as easy as 1,2,3.

You can also advertise with the site, which you will be charged some fee, according to the agreement. The Founder and owner of the company, Manos Gerakinis, has a fragrance, which he has dedicated to his the person who inspired him, Marie Antoinette. All purchased goods can be returned, in case of any complication, and you will also learn about the delivery terms.

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