How to Choose a Translation Company?

March 23, 2017Diana Lengerson


There is little point in translating materials that are going to be used for business purposes if they aren’t translated accurately into the target language from the source language. That means you need to source the best translation company you can find, one that delivers accurate translations that read naturally. If you’re to choose the right translation company you need to know what you’re looking for, so please read on, as here we look at the qualities to look for when hiring a translator.

· Accreditation

It’s essential that the agency and translators that you hire are accredited and that you’re going to receive a professional translation. A good way to do this is to research the accreditations required in your country and then look for these accreditations when researching suitable agencies to entrust the translation of your business materials to.

· Customer Support

The agency you hire needs to provide excellent customer support, just in case. Beware of companies that only offer email or online support as you want a dedicated landline number to call whenever you have a query or need assistance. Accept nothing less than a connected landline phone number.

· Client References

Can the agency supply you with client references upon request? They should also be able to provide you with examples of their work, though naturally, they can’t allow you to watch them translate something due to client privacy requirements. If they can’t provide you with references or examples, give them a wide berth.

· Glossary Experience

While you may not require a glossary just yet, if ever, it’s something that you should look for if you’re to source the number 1 translation service company to translate your business materials for you. The more experience with glossaries that translators have, the better their skills because they’re constantly improving their language capabilities by compiling glossaries for their clients.

· Confidentiality Policies

What confidentiality policies and procedures does the agency have in place? This is something you need to check early on, especially if you have sensitive business materials that need translating. Every country has different confidentiality requirements, so read up on the relevant rules and apply what you have found accordingly. Confidentiality is crucially important with translation services.

· Services Available

Ensuring that the agency you’re going to have translate your marketing and business materials is able to provide you with a wide range of services is a must. While you may only have need of a few translation services at the moment, that doesn’t mean you won’t need more later on, so ensure that they offer a broad range of translation services to business clients.

There are many important qualities that you’ll need to look for when sourcing a suitable translation company to translate your vital business and marketing materials. In addition to what has been discussed here, also ensure that they agency you consider offers value-for-money, which doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest translation services that you can find, but the translation services offering the best price to quality ratio.


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