Best Programming Blogs to Make You an Expert!

April 4, 2017Diana Lengerson

To be the best programmer you need to know many topics. Programming is not just about writing code. Well, it is, but to become the leading programming expert you need to know computer science theory and mathematics. You also need hands-on practice, self-analysis, trial and error, new sources of information, online blogs, expert’s advice, and so much more. There are only a few dozen people who are considered to be world’s best programmers. It remains the dream to many to become expert programmers. Programming is lot more about patience, innovativeness, self-exploration, and learning new technical tricks from others.


Programming blogs – top 5 to know!

We line down the best programming blogs that’ll play their role in making you an expert, too. These programming blogs are written by experts who have excelled in their field and who wish to write down their experiences to let the budding programmers learn from their mistakes and knowledge.

#1 Catonmat – Good Coders Code, Great Coders Reuse

It’s cat-on-mat. Yup, a cat on a mat. This blog has been around for more than 10 years and has produced some of the most shared tutorials. Recently it was ranked #1 as best programming blog and most subscribed programming blog by Feedspot. This blog is completely dedicated to programming, new software ideas, software reuse, hacking, and security. Peter Krumins’s blog is fascinating. This young mind has laid complete focus on how with the reuse of technology already produced (such as open source libraries) you can achieve great results. He defines the uniqueness of the ideas through the belief that says, “good coders code, great coders reuse”. This tech expert blog allows you to understand programming with fun, something that’s believed to be impossible. Peter somehow explains new concepts in the most playful way possible. Peter’s blog regularly gets millions of visitors and all of them are satisfied with his ingenious articles.

#2 Coding Horror – Jeff Atwood

Founded by Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror blog is legendary. The way Jeff writes is fascinating. His articles are suited for both total noobs and experts. His preferred subject is programmer productivity. He considers himself a reasonably experienced software developer with a particular interest in the human side of software development. Jeff’s written a lot about workstations, monitors and keyboards. Jeff is also the co-founder of Stack Overflow, which is an online forum dedicated to bring answers to all possible of programming questions. He also runs Stack Overflow Jobs board that we used to hire some engineers. When Jeff writes about programming it’s about Windows and C# technologies.

#3 Joel on Software

Joel on Software is world’s first and oldest programming blog. Be it software business practices, coding habits, project management, or new inventions on coding and programming, Joel has it covered. This blog makes programming more understandable and achievable task for wannabe programmers. Even if you are an expert, you’ll find some of his 1100 articles to be very helpful. Joel is also a co-founder of Stack Overflow and he runs a software company called Fog Creek Software that’s ranked #1 software development company in the world because it has isolated rooms for programmers and not open office.

#4 David Walsh Blog

David’s blog is dedicated to web development techniques that help novices understand how the very basics of web development work. Not everyone is born an expert and these basic tutorials are very helpful. The blog focuses mostly on web development. Most of the articles are tutorials that make it very easy to read and follow. David Walsh himself is a tech hipster and you can tell it from the posts also. He works for Mozilla and gives talks in conferences all around the world. The programming languages covered on this blog are only the leetest and trendiest HTML 5, CSS 3, and ES 6.

#5 HDFS Tutorial Blog

Dedicated for data scientists, HDFS Tutorial Blog is drafted to cover the big data related technologies, including components like, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, etc. It also contributes in learning through its tutorials that are guided to provide information on business intelligence related tools like, Tableau. HDFS Tutorial is a site dedicated to learn Hadoop lead by a group of Big Data professionals. They have even made courses available for free in such a way so that anyone can start with Hadoop in just a few hours.

The blogs mentioned above are surely going to add a different kind of learning experience to what you have been following till now. Make learning fun, and pick what’s needful from different sources to produce results that are great!


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