A Beneficial Alternative when Traveling for Business

February 17, 2017Diana Lengerson

Executives often find that they must travel to different cities to conduct business. They may be away from home for several weeks or even months at a time. A hotel room may become home for this period but there is an alternative that is much more appealing. Corporate apartments offer many advantages that are just not available when staying in a hotel room.

What are the Benefits?

A corporate apartment can be readily available for business people who find they need something on short notice. They also have many of the same amenities of a home. Multiple bedrooms are an advantage if family is traveling with the executive or visiting on the weekends. A fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals, private garages, and laundry facilities are just a few of the appealing conveniences that help to create the comforts of home.

Corporate housing also offers convenience. They are generally located within areas that have many of the requirements of a visiting executive. This is extremely important to those who are visiting from another area. They are not familiar with the city and need to be located near necessities as well as recreation when they are not working. Blue Water Corporate Housing is one example that offers New Orleans corporate housing for visiting executives.

Unlike hotel rooms, a corporate apartment offers employees a place to invite co-workers for meetings or entertaining. The atmosphere is similar to home and not impersonal like meeting rooms provided by alternative housing. More offerings include swimming pools, workout facilities, maid services, dry cleaning services, and security. After a long day of meetings, it is important to have a relaxing atmosphere with no worries.

Company Benefits

There are benefits for the companies that provide corporate housing for their executives. It is cost-effective when compared to hotels. Companies can deduct the cost of this housing as a business expense.

Since corporate housing offers executives a relaxing atmosphere that is similar to being at home they are more comfortable. This translates to being more productive when it comes to conducting business and of course, this is beneficial for the company.

If there is a need to send several employees out of town on business, a corporate apartment is more cost effective than a hotel room for each employee. This is a solution that is rapidly becoming more popular among companies because of the many advantages for employers and employees.

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