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November 13, 2014Diana Lengerson

Surveying services are needed by everyone, especially those who own property like houses, buildings, structures and land. When looking for surveying services, it is always prompted by a number of varying factors. From disputes to boundary regulations and safety standard certifications, surveyors provide various services.

There are many organization providing land surveys and elevation certificates for individuals and businesses. AllState Surveying LLC is the largest and most renowned firm providing surveying services in Florida State and all the counties within.



There are many reasons why this firm has its reputation. Their area of service is quite broad and covers the following;

• Land surveying for residential areas – These services are provided for individual property owners of homes or pieces of land. They include mortgage surveys made for real estate closings, installation and fencing boundary surveys, property dispute and corner location surveys. The services also include permit surveys for home remodeling and fencing.

• Mapping and location services – These are basically special purpose services aimed at different businesses. They include location permits, certificates and surveys for a broad range of mapping. Liquor store license surveys, landscaping services, concert stage locations, movie set location and radius surveys conducted before laying out assisted living facilities al fall here.

• Permits and elevation certificates – There are various certifications required of home, building and land owners. Flood certification is only one of them. Currently, there is an ongoing issuance of flood insurance letters as well as LOMA, FEMA and LMF-R certification all around Florida. This service can overlap to inspection to ensure all rules and regulations have been followed.

There are various other surveying services AllState provides to Florida residents including construction and land planning surveys for new buildings. Property reports, design planning and elevation certification are also part of the provided services.

When looking for surveyors, the above-mentioned services are not the only ones to look for. There exist other considerations of budget, reliability, licensing, company reputation, credibility and customer service.

AllState Surveying LLC is a well known company that exhibits ultimate customer service and provides high quality surveying for Florida residents. It has top ratings from all review and rating sites.

It is also a legit company registered and licensed to provide the included services for residents of that state. This company therefore provides all the needed surveying services to a satisfactory level.

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