6 Ways Rethinking Your Surroundings Can Help to Boost Creativity

June 23, 2017Diana Lengerson


Move over cramped office chair and fluorescent lighting, there is a new office design in town. The office of today is far more creative than our cubicle counterparts of yesteryear. Gone are the days of beige half-walls, swivel chairs and clunky computers.

The modern office junkie is pumping out productivity in style, that is, if he/she has the surroundings nailed. Whether you are an office manager trying to boost productivity of your team or an employee hoping to spruce up your space, I am here to impart 6 ways of rethinking your surroundings to boost creativity, productivity, and overall happiness.

  • Comfort is key

Did you know an average office worker spends 75% of his/her day sitting?

That is a lot of hours logged at the old desk in front of a computer. First order of business for a healthier work environment is to take comfort very seriously. A good quality chair and a desk that can move from sitting to standing are both obvious fixes., however, too often the agility and quality of the computer monitor are not considered.

An optimal work space will have a monitor mount than can be adjusted with a fingertip. The mount will move to exactly the right position easily so it can be seen clearly in a sitting or standing position, and adjusted to optimise natural light. It is, without a doubt, the first order of business

  • Colour

Remember earlier when I said see you later beige?

I meant it. Adding colour to a work space can boost creativity and inspiration. A simple, affordable option is to head to the nearest paper store and buy a few sheets of high-quality wrapping paper. Something bright with colours that appeal to your senses. Line your space with the paper like mini wall paper and instantly feel at ease in your work space.

  • Noise

Research shows that coffee shop background noise stimulates creativity.

This isn’t to say that you can only be effective in a coffee shop, but it means take into consideration the background noise of your work space. Sterile, silent, spaces are not the way to go. Open office plans can facilitate spontaneous dialogue assisting team work in addition to helping the individual worker stay on task.

  • Lighting

Bright overhead lighting is the worst!

We have all been there. After a long day at the office with a poorly adjusted monitor in front of us and fluorescent lights above, our eyes and brains are fried. A combination of dim lights and natural light will make a world of difference. Hey, I am writing this article with dim overhead lights, sitting in front of a fire with a glass of wine. Okay so the wine doesn’t have anything to do with lighting, but, it helps with the creativity.

  • Nature

Offices do not have to be sterile.

In fact, bringing the outdoors in is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is beneficial for your health and is proven to boost productivity.   Certain plants are better than others at filtering the air, so even on a 21st floor high rise you can have the benefit of fresh, clean air! Plus, plant shopping for the office can be a real morale booster.

  • Music

A good way to tune out office chatter and tune in productivity is to pop on a pair of headphones. The right music is proven to increase productivity, and in my experience it helps me get lost in the task. Choose from nature noises, classical, or even your favourite punk band. Whatever gets you in the mood to get cracking!

These 6 tips should get you well on your way to a more productive office or personal work space. The tips are written in order of importance. So first things first, get that monitor mount so you can sit up straight and tackle the rest of the list. Your company, your boss, and most importantly your self, will thank you greatly when you have accomplished all 6 steps.

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