5 Features Of CMMS Your Company Would Definitely Want To Take Advantage Of!

July 24, 2017Diana Lengerson

Computerized Maintenance Management System, CMMS is a software that allows you to deal with maintenance operations of your organization effectively using a computerized database that supplies adequate info to you to make reliable decision. CMMS allows you to cut down various inefficiencies, to prioritize your activities, and to keep track of what requires to be done and when. Not only these systems have brought the cost down but also have increased the manpower required to maintain a company’s operation.

For those unaware of the benefits of using this system, in this post we have piled up a list so they can relate and be a benefactor of CMMS.

CMMS advantages for your company:

1) Effectiveness In Company’s Operations

CMMS helps businesses fetch data important to impact deterrent maintenance so as to increase the lifespan of your assets and equipment. Also, CMMS package helps you keep an eye on the process incorporated in managing the work order so you gain control over the supply chain and inventory. Hence, you will have better understanding of your business to make decisions regarding purchase.

2) Better Management Of Resources:

Outsourcing maintenance to companies is often difficult and many times companies fail to manage them properly. Besides, some companies receive a plenty of maintenance order on daily basis, which eventually makes it difficult to manage the whole process. However, by using a CMMS, you can handle your company’s resources better and can manage the tools and equipment more effectively.

3) Clear Communication:

About 80% of workforce of every company spend their half an hour daily on trying to retrieve information, which affects their performance. In fact, many minutes are wasted by maintenance engineers everyday trying to find the tools and information required to do a particular job. Well, you don’t have to worry about that been practising in your company. Thanks to CMMS systems. It helps you centralize all important information so as to ensure smooth work flow.

4) Increase Revenue

A good CMMS program also help you save money in a lot of ways, hence increasing your profit. Why? By saving on the replacement cost of the machines used by your business. With the help of preventative maintenance, a lot of costly equipment can be saved from total overhaul or malfunction. Besides, labor cost is saved too.

The point is simple; saving cost on operations to reduce the ROI, which in turn increases the profit. So, it’s better to invest in maintaining existing machinery and core assets well to cut your overall financial performance.

5) Happy Clients

This advantage may not be an undeniable one, but rather reports indicate it might be a crucial one. It is very direct: well-kept machine equipment produces higher quality products. This is to be sure one of the biggest drivers of consumer loyalty.

When you utilize CMMS to track key execution indicators, for example, you can make better maintenance workflow and reduce downtime. This signifies how proficiently you address your clients’ issues, giving your business a recognisable notoriety. It also makes your employees more joyful, enhancing how they serve the clients.


CMMS plays an important role in how businesses run their operations nowadays. It develops intelligence within organisation, which eventually helps, and allows managers and employees to make better, informed decisions.



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