3 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Way to Go

August 23, 2017Diana Lengerson

If you consider yourself to be a part of the IT industry, you would’ve thought about going freelance atleast once in your career, the concept is so common, particularly in the IT industry. There are both pros and cons to freelancing. The most important one would be losing the security that comes with a full time job. A stable job comes with other perks like travel opportunities, access to professional training and development courses, insurance, and other benefits. Freelancing isn’t without it’s share of positives. In this article we will be discussing just that.

Flexibility in Your Schedule

Not everyone can adhere to the same kind of schedule. You might be very productive in the morning, take a dip in productivity in the afternoon and might prefer to resume working in the evening. If you are freelancing, this becomes a possibility. You set your own schedule. Since most freelancers are paid by the hour, you choose how much you need to work to sustain your lifestyle. You don’t have to work beyond that if you don’t want to. You can party whenever you please, as long as your work commitments aren’t screwed. You can take a day off any day of the week. It’s all based on the kind of setup you get yourself into.

It largely depends on the kind of agreement you get in with your clients. Some of them require freelancers to be available for instant communication during certain time period based on their location and required tasks.

Work-life balance

The biggest advantage with freelancing lifestyle is the work-life balance that comes with it. It is a lot more easier to have a life outside of your work when you get to plan your workday. If you are a parent, then you can adjust your schedules around your kids schedule. It’s a really great opportunity for working parents to spend some quality time with their kids on not giving up on their careers as well.

It all depends on how well you understand the importance of time management. Many freelancers that I know, choose this lifestyle to facilitate their wishes of traveling more. “Digital nomads” is a gaining huge popularity in recent times, which is the right way to describe this kind of lifestyle. These individuals earn their living through online opportunities while living a nomadic lifestyle.


You are your own boss when it comes to freelancing and the work you take up is your business. You don’t have to answer any higher officials beyond your client. You get to even choose your clients, just as your clients choose to work with you. As a freelancer, you can choose to work with a client who is in line with your thought process and nothing more or nothing less. You’ll be mostly charging according to the common industry practice without having to split it with anyone. A small percentage might have to go to the freelance platform where you got the client, based on the ToS of the site. You might throw in a referral fee, if you are getting work through referrals is common in your field of work. Other than these, you get to have all the profits.

I hope this article was useful for you to learn more about freelancing in the IT industry. If you have any doubts regarding the topic, let us know through the comments and we will be glad to help you out. Let us know your suggestions as well for us to improve.

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