5 Tips for Designing Attention Grabbing Yard Signs

April 10, 2017Diana Lengerson


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If you’re trying to sell a house or grab the attention of potential customers for your new product, then you should definitely listen up because we’ve got the article for you. Without yard signs, you don’t stand a chance of meeting your goals and finding success. You might think that yard signs are the way of the past with the rise of digital marketing and advertising. However, this is definitely not true. Yard signs are fantastic ways to grab attention and get people interested in your cause or business.

However, there is a right and a wrong way to design yard signs. You can easily just throw together some words and colors on a sign and get them printed. But if you put the time and attention necessary to create a really great design, you’re going to get more people interested in what you have to offer. A yard sign, if design correctly, can fetch you huge returns at lower costs. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through some of the top tips for designing attention-grabbing yard signs for your business or cause.

  • Make Sure to Think About the Size and Scale

First up, you’ve got to think about the size and scale of your yard sign. You want to have a sign that’s not so big that it’s the size of a billboard, but also a sign that’s not too small so those passing by can easily read it. If you think of the standard size of a yard sign, then that’s what you should aim for.

However, this all depends on the location of where you’re placing the yard sign. If your sign is right beside the road, then you probably want it to be a bit larger so that drivers can easily see your sign. However, if they are just beside your storefront, you can afford to make them a little bit smaller.

  • Think Hard About the Location

As mentioned a bit above, location is super important when it comes to designing your yard sign. The environment around your sign is going to have a huge impact of what colors you use, what kind of text you use, and the overall design of the sign. For example, if your sign is surrounded by greenery on the side of the road, you should make sure that the design isn’t mostly green. That would blend right in with the surrounding environment!

  • Make Sure to Go Big with Graphics and Colors

One of the most important factors to think about when designing anything, especially a yard sign, is what graphics and colors you’re going to go with. This is a big decision that you should think much about before deciding. However, the rule of thumb is that you want to go big with the graphics and colors on the sign. This is going to make it stand out from the other signs around and the surrounding environment, making it catch the eye of those potential customers walking by. Whether you’re designing real estate signs or any other kind of yard sign, this rule is going to be steadfast.

  • Go for The Simple Typography and Messaging

Even though you’re going to go big with the graphics and the pops of colors, you want the messaging and typography to be pretty simple. If you choose a font that’s hard to read from a distance, how is anyone going to know what you’re offering? Make sure to choose a simple font that’s easily read from a distance. And don’t have too many words in your design. Sure, you might have a ton to say about your product or service, but no one’s going to stand in front of your sign for 10 minutes reading it. Therefore, choose wisely what to write.

  • Contrast, Contrast, And More Contrast

And lastly, make sure that your sign is contrasting highly with the other signs around or the surrounding environment. This has been mentioned throughout this article, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Without this contrast, your yard sign is just going to blend in with everything else and not be noticed by those passing by.

And there you have it! Make sure you follow these tips and your yard sign design is going to be super eye-catching and will easily grab the attention of anybody.

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