Stockholm Private and Free Walking Tours

March 20, 2015Diana Lengerson

Stockholm is a popular tourist city and houses many major attractions, entertainment venues and eating joints. In fact, this city is the most popularly visited city in Sweden.

Stockholm has 65 museums that reserve the rich culture and history of Sweden. Besides museums, the city is also known for numerous art galleries, public gardens, a wide variety of shopping areas, hotels and amusement parks.

Some of the tourist attractions in the city include the Vasa, a large warship that sank on its maiden trip and the Stockholm Royal Palace that is the largest palace in the world with over 600 rooms.


StockholmFreeTour company offers both free and private tours within the city. The free service is a walk around the city’s main museums and attractions.

To access this free tour, all you need to do is show up outside the Metro Subway Station at Gamla Stan at the times designated at their website –

Look out for the guide who is dressed in a branded t-shirt with the blue “Free Sightseeing Stockholm” label and join the tour team. The free tour of the city takes about 1.5 hours. Besides the free tour, the firm also provides private tours for individuals, families and travel groups.

The tour can either be a walkabout or car drive tour. The firm arranges all the details of the private tour including transportation and security.

This Stockholm private and free walking tours firm has guides who speak English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish. The tour firm’s rates for the private package are very competitive.

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