Large Group? No Problem: Private Transportation Services

April 24, 2017Diana Lengerson


Sometimes when you travel large, you realize not all transport services are equipped to serve you. Going in a large group could be a family, cause or business. Going as a large group demand carrying more things needed for your trip. Students going for camping need camp gears to go with on their journey whatever the group you fall; you need to remember that traveling in a large group requires additional preparations and you need the right private transportation service to meet your needs.

Looking around Florida area, you get the impression all transport services are the same until you have the need and get the shock of your life that it’s not what you have been thinking all along. It is with such need that some private shuttle services will also realize the difference between handling a large group of travelers going together as different from carrying a large individual passenger.

Providing transportation services to individuals isn’t the same as supporting large group travelers on a mission together. When you face the demand of large group, you discover there is a limit to which you can do without adequate preparation to define a service that cares for the needs of such passengers.

When you find yourself in a large group requiring private transportation services, what should you do? Apart from having the fleet of vehicles to convey large group passengers, a transportation service must also be prepared in other areas of the passenger services including:

  • Support services to manage luggage. People going in a large group for a destination will need to carry large personal effects for their comfort on the journey. The private transport service must be up to date with handling this personal effects such that no item is missing at the port of arrival. Sometimes, the luggage going with large group travelers might not go with the passengers due to space issue that may require another vehicle to convey it to the destination. In a typical passenger service situation, most times, the passengers are with their luggage to take responsibility for its safety. But in the case of a large group, the private shuttle service will assume responsibility.
  • Personnel to manage people. In a large group situation, the number of travelers might be three times the number of available vehicles, and there will be the need to batch the commuters for easy transportation. The right private transportation services will need to be equipped for handling such assignment.
  • Ancillary services to take care of logistics needs. When going on dedicated transport task, the private shuttle service must be prepared to cater to the needs of the congregation for the time under their care. In the case of insufficient vehicles and some commuters cannot leave the same day as others to their destination, the transport service should be able to provide a place to live till the next day when vehicles will be available to more the passengers. Only a transportation service that has envisaged such challenges and provided for it will be able to act when the need arises.
  • Customer service to meet increasing demand for ongoing services. Every transportation service has a limited provision of essential services like conveniences, bathrooms, dining hall and other care services. When you undertake to move the large group on a journey without adequate provision for their needs, the problem may be overwhelming at some point that may result is a problem you have not prepared to resolve.
  • Emergency services. In a large group, there could be health challenges and social problems. Only a transportation service that is well prepared for handling large group travelers will be able to cope with at the hours of need, especially in emergency situations.

Giving the above needs to engage private transportation services in Florida, it is evident that any transportation service that will fit the need as described above will have prepared for such service as part of their routine services.

One private transportation service to consider due to its provision for handling large group travelers is the Florida Shuttle Now. Available information from the business service of the transport service shows the company is adequately prepared for handling large group travelers across Florida areas.

Let’s review some of the services that position FSN for the onerous task of facilitating the movement of large group commuters across Florida:

  • Active passenger information and communication. Florida Shuttle Now provides 24/7 customer support services that answer customer inquiries and treat their concern in person, email, chat and phone call round the clock. Indeed, such available incident handling mechanisms are what is required in large group passenger situation management.
  • Extensive route coverage. Florida Shuttle Now covers more than forty cities and communities across Florida. Any service with such robust commuter management capability will fare well in handling large group travelers with transportation capacity and ability to handle large group surging demands, which may stretch facility in unprepared transportation service.
  • Transportation Organization management. Florida Shuttle Now provides two lines of transportation service. A shared shuttle that cares to general commuter needs and a private shuttle transportation that serves dedicated needs of individual travelers. Experience in handling private shuttle service show that such company that separates their transportation service understand the customize needs of private commuters as different from mass transit situation. A private transportation service understands the peculiar needs of private customers such as going door to door for pick up and drops them on arrival.

Tips to decide on a private shuttle service for your large group private transportation service

From the preceding discussion on what to look for to choose the right private shuttle service, the following tips will help you decide on identifying the right service for your large group transportation.

  • Check the antecedent of the proposed transportation service. We live in a world where you cannot deceive anyone reasonable consumer more than once. In that case, there are unbiased and frank reviews by past customers of a service. From there, note any comment that negatively touches on the kind of service you want for the private transportation service provider.
  • Ask a direct question of what you want. Before deciding on hiring a private shuttle service for your trip, ask them things you need them to do for you and watch their body language to your questions. The reason to watch body language is to prevent being first time victim because if they can’t provide what you need, chances are they will be reluctant to accept on the first go.
  • Ask for guarantee. During business negotiation, your guarantee will come as a form of performance commitment, failing which may attract some compensation. Demand such guarantee in writing before committing to sign a contract of offer with them.

Hiring the right private transportation service takes wit and research on your part to locate the right company. While you are looking for the right shuttle service to handle your transportation, be prepare to pay the right due because other factors will come in that may differ from the usual cost you pay for individual passengers that do not place additional responsibility of the transport service.

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