Will Your App Freak Out From Stress? Will Your Site Fall Dead From Loads? Let’s Find Out!

November 30, 2016Diana Lengerson


Did you ever wonder how your app or site performs under peek loads when thousands upon thousands of visitors are trying to log in for your goodies? And what will happen if most of them use mobile carriers with poor internet connection? Will your GPS system or shipment tracking work underground with or without connection to Wi-Fi?

All of these questions and more can be answered through simple tests. If you would like to know more, the guys at www.deviqa.com are real experts. DeviQA is a team of experts willing to share their skills and knowledge regarding software testing with the world. Here’s just a sample of their expertise.

Load Testing


Load tests are aimed at determining whether any given system is capable of operating seamlessly under constantly increased loads. Or, if put simply, short QA engineers are willing to determine the threshold limit.

Let’s say you have an app with direct message functionality. Testers can create, say, 1000 profiles in it to later simulate what will happen if all of these people will try to:

  • Log in simultaneously;
  • Check their mail boxes at the same time;
  • Start sending messages altogether;

Testers can and will simulate more complex scenarios as well like – what would happen is a fair share of users is trying to log in while others are sending messages and everyone gets a push notification at the same time.

Although peak load scenarios can seem unreal on paper they are – more often than not – accurately portray and can happen in real life.

Stress testing

Stress tests are generally used to predict possible scenarios of events that might take place under uncanny circumstances. All of the scenarios are generated outside the box of your app’s usual behavior. QA engineers try to break software through dynamic shifts of environments, internet or cellular connection access, etc.

Any unusual behavior can be considered as stress. Here’s an example. What would happen if the same line of data will be repeatedly pasted inside any entry field (like the login screen). How much can the form handle? Will it simply not accept anything larger than 100 characters or will it keep going? If so – how far?

Stress tests boost security. All of them, aside additional benefits, are a stunning background for penetration testing sessions. Pen testing is literally the process of breaking your solution just like an evil hacker would – through phishing, DDoS and SQL injections, etc.


Although Stress and Load testing sound similar they are two entirely different activities. Neither can be overlooked throughout the course of software development as each highlights different results.



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