Videoconferencing Solution: All the Time Access

January 13, 2017Diana Lengerson

It’s hard to pull off those meetings when your people keep getting to the office late. And if you have a problem with absentees, then that’s even worse. If your people aren’t getting to work on time or at all, then that’s going to affect their productivity. Here’s how investing in a good video conferencing system can help:

No more lates

If your employee is stuck in traffic or just running back from an errand and have only a few minutes to get to the meeting, no worries. With video calls, your employee can log into the meeting in an instant. That’s anywhere, anytime access and definitely a form of convenience at its best. So if you’re tired of people getting to the meeting late, then this is a handy tool to help you put a stop to all that lousy attendance records.

Less absences

No matter how hard-working your employee is, emergencies can happen. For instance, your line manager might have hurt her foot. Or your senior editor might be stranded at home because of a transportation problem. If you need to reach out to them, video calls offer you an easy way to do it. If they’re fit and healthy and just can’t get to the office because of unforeseen circumstances, they don’t have to. Video calls are a great way to ensure they still get to report to work on time.

Convenient meetings

For many companies, it can be tough to book a conference room. Every team is after one, especially during peak hours. If you haven’t booked one yet and you and your team need to discuss a few things, then resort to a video conference. It won’t matter if each of you is at your cubicle or if half of the group is in one conference room and the rest in another. Everyone can easily say yes to the invitation and get to the meeting right on time, says Small Business. No need to wait around until a conference room becomes available. If everyone’s free at the moment, then a video call will work just as fine, if not better.

Eliminate distance

One of the challenges of running a remote team is that the distance can pretty much get in the way of building team work. By spending money on a group video collaboration solution from BlueJeans, though, your teams can work together easily and conveniently enough. You don’t have to let geographical boundaries to limit the scope and work you and your teams can get up to. With video, you have a way to get far-flung teams to participate in more activities together.

Expand your market

Video conferencing solutions also work well for your customers. With video calls, you can reach out to a wider audience. Who knows? Your products or services might be a moderate success locally. But they could turn out to be massive hits on a global scale. It’s all about finding the right market for your products. With video, you can expand target market exposure. And do it in a way that won’t hurt your budget. Because video calls are much more cost-effective, keeping in touch with your customers won’t take a chunk out of your happy funds. This one’s a definite win for your corner.

Get consultants

It can be hard to get consultants, especially those who live a good distance away, to come in and provide your team with technical expertise and assistance when and where these are needed. Video calls, though, make it possible for those consultants to provide ready help and solutions in an instant. So if you’re having trouble solving an issue or need the help of a specialist right away, get help from experts with a video conference. From troubleshooting tips to step by step instructions, getting in touch with those consultants aren’t going to be a problem.

Exchange information

If you’ve got geographically dispersed teams, exchanging information through email and chat can get tedious and inconvenient. With video calls, exchanging information is easy, even for teams at different locations, Buzzle says. For instance, teams can see the work practices and habits of another group and learn from them. So if you’ve got a good team in one state and one that barely meets the standard in another, allowing the high-performing team to mentor and help out the underperformers can be an excellent way to whip them in shape.

Step over time zone hurdles

When you’ve got a global team, you’ll find everyone working at different time zones. Since video calls work any time, you can connect to your people whenever you need. So if it’s night time over in yours but daylight hours wherever they are, no need to worry about the technology. Your video conferencing device will see you through that.

So if you want convenient and easy access to your team, you might want to give video conferencing a try.




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