Sonxtronic Review

February 6, 2015Diana Lengerson

The number of corporations specializing in delivering high-end electronics products has risen over the past few years. This has led to the availability of varying quality electronics and several counterfeit options disguised as originals. However, there are some premier corporations that have been around for ages and can be trusted to offer top notch electronics. When mentioning such companies, Sonxtronic immediately comes to mind.

This company provides a wide array of electronics and also offers several options for sports lovers. The XDR-8000 sport, white ice XDR-8001 and XDR-1000 pink are some of their elegant sport products. These headband sports headphones come in unique designs suitable for different purposes. You can find running headphones and sports headbands of ultimate sound quality and degree of ergonomics.


The electronics are safe and comfortable to use. They also feature robust elegant designs that make them an accessory in sporting events. The Sony MDR-W08L is also another incredible production of this corporation. XDR-8000 series was thoroughly reviewed and highly ranked when it was released. This vertical headband headphone is suitable for marathoners and athletes.

If features an ultra-comfort design and ultra-light feather weight. It is also moisture resistant, has wide frequency responsiveness and super-performance speaker drivers. The XDR sound has been rated the best for its stage and it does not harm the ear. The design of these headphones allows them to stay in place without falling off even when running or jumping.

The in-ear surface is quite soft and comfortable to ensure there is no stress or pain on any part of the body. The XDR-8001 series was released following the reputable XDR-8000 products. They have also received remarkable acceptance.

Customer service and support
This company runs a 24 hour business and they can be contacted at any time of the day or nigh all year round. Their official site is quite simple and easy to navigate with products, services and order pages boldly placed to simplify purchase process. The site is secure and customer details are secured away from unauthorized access. The customer support team answers inquiries promptly and there is a quality guarantee to ensure customers receive exactly what they ordered for.

Like any other electronics corporation, there are always pros and cons related in product and service provision. The company provides high-end headphones for athletes and general purpose use. Their prices are also quite affordable considering the quality of offered products.

While identifying value for money is not daunting, the company doesn’t seem to have cons. Although it has a limited product range, there are more than enough options to choose from. Nonetheless, the available products are simply some of the best in the market.

When looking for sports headband headphones, this is definitely the company to purchase from. They guarantee top quality and depict affordable prices. All the products are also ergonomically designed and are both safe and convenient to use.

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