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August 23, 2017Diana Lengerson


Imagine a website that objectively reviews that iphone case, power bank, tablet case or PC cover which you have been eyeing for long but were afraid to buy it lest it falters in quality and you ended up throwing away your money just like you have been doing. Picture yourself quenching your thirst for knowledge combing through the features of the gadget case, its pros and cons to end up making a wise decision on whether to buy the device or not.

Well, the Reviewr is a website that is chiefly dedicated to comprehensive and objective reviews of gadget cases and covers so that you have an upper hand when deciding whether to buy the tech device case or not. Founded by Hesham who is a tech guru by his own right, the website has made its name as a reputable knowledge base for people who want information about phone cases, tablet cases, PC covers and other accessories. With a growing twitter fan base of over 28,000 followers, the Reviewr is indeed a forum of note that one should look up to for tech information.

To pen the compelling reviews on the website, Hesham first buys the items from Amazon online stores, uses them and later judges them. Reading from him therefore is getting information from the horse’s mouth. He also combs through reviews by other users so that he can tell what their experience is like. With this kind of prior research, Hesham is indeed your go-to tech cases and covers reviewer.

Microsoft PC cases and covers on the Reviewr

After you have bought that expensive surface book, the last thing you would want to have is it being destroyed by debris, dust or liquid spillages. Well, the reviewr got your back with their awesome reviews on the best surface book cases and covers for your laptop, charger and other documents. Hesham has written an excellent review of the ten best surface book cases and covers and you will be awed by their chic and stylish looks, not to mention the strong durable fabric that keeps them safe and protected.

Macbook air 13 inch cases

When you finally but that Macbook that you have only been dreaming about for so long, you become the talk of your town. Some people will say that you hit the jackpot while others will want to snatch the Macbook from your hands and get away with it. Do not let them. Hide it in one of Hesham’s reviewed Macbook cases and covers. The covering will also keep it safe from scratches and liquid spills.

Laptop bags

When you want to keep your laptop in a good condition, you need to get yourself a great laptop bag for it. Fortunately, Hesham has reviewed different Laptop bags for your Dell and Samsung laptops. Other than the normal backpacks, there are wheeled options especially for travelers. Sleek and unique, the laptop bags have great aesthetic appeal that will surely awe you.

Phone cases and covers

The Reviewr gives you different features of phone cases and covers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei and Xiaomi.

Hesham has this “ten best” reviews for cases and covers where apart from giving you the different items, he tells you his personal best. If you follow him, you will also be in the know whenever there are offers for a certain case or cover.

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