What Could the Future Hold for Business Deliveries?

January 20, 2017Diana Lengerson


The world as we know it is forever changing and developing, thanks mainly to often-incredible advancements in technology. Newer, faster tech can now be found in everything from our smartphones, to our home entertainment systems and even our vehicles; generally making them more effective and useful.

Such advancements are also making their way into the world of business deliveries and we’ve already seen faster processing speeds in everything from orders to distribution. This does beg the question though of what the future may hold in general; here are a few predictions.

Drone Technology

There’s a belief that one day, drones will be used to remotely fly goods direct to their destinations, without the need for any drivers or other forms of transport. In this article on EFTM for instance, the CEO of Dominos believes these will be in operation soon and that they will help handle the growing demand for deliveries that staff and companies are struggling to handle.

More Time-Sensitive Options

You can already find specialist same day services from delivery companies, like these from My Parcel Delivery, but there is every chance that these could become even quicker and more direct. It could be with things like drone technology that a customer could order their goods and see them arrive at a time and a place that suits them in a potential timeframe of only a few hours.

Autonomous Deliveries

Many vehicle manufacturers are also rolling out autonomous cars – these are vehicles which use technology to drive themselves – so these may one day become part of a delivery company’s fleet. What this would mean is that items could be delivered more regularly, without the need for staff to organise and manage them.

Underground Deliveries

Another potential development would see networks of underground pipes being installed to move goods around the country – and potentially the world – much quicker and easier. These might work in the same way as the pneumatic tubes you see in supermarkets and smaller businesses that send mail and money from one area to another.

What the reality will be for businesses still does remain to be seen, but with such rapid developments it might not be long before some of the above are a common option for deliveries. A wise move for any company it seems would be to keep up to date with the latest services to provide their clients with the best choice.

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