7 Tips for Finding the Right iOS Developer

June 30, 2016Diana Lengerson

Finding a mobile app developer isn’t difficult; they are a dime a dozen in today’s world. However, finding the right mobile app developer can be tricky. You want to find someone who produces quality work and will understand the project you have in mind. Here are some tips for sorting through the many applicants.


Photo by JESHOOTS, CC0 1.0

1. Provide Specific Requirements

You are never going to find the perfect candidate has all of your must have requirements and wildest would love preferences. It is important to set down, in order, what are the most crucial skill sets you are looking for in an iOS developer.

If there are things that can easily learn along the way, they should still be considered. It is important to remember to be picky but not to nitpick every single candidate. Find someone that will fit well with your workplace as well.

2. Stress the Importance of Deadlines

Being able to stick to deadlines is an important skill for any team player. During your interview process with potential iOS developers, ask plenty of questions about hitting deadlines. Find out when they alert their managers that they are falling behind. Not notifying supervisors that they are falling behind can damage a team’s progress as well as the business itself.

This is an area you should spend some time talking to your candidate. Software development is usually tied to hitting deadlines; you need to have someone who can manage their time wisely. However, things happen and developers can fall behind. It is important to vet their ability to communicate about their progress.

3. Check Out Their Portfolio

Mobile app developers should all have some kind of portfolio to send you with their work. Watching a demo of their work is important; this is a way to see their style and ability. Every developer has a personality and uniqueness to their work. Seeing their previous work can give you an idea as to what to expect before hiring.

Also, always check references. One would hope that they wouldn’t lie about their work, but it is important to make sure they truly did work on those projects. See if they have worked companies such as Seamgen, who specialize in developing iOS apps.

4. Market Price

Bargain price doesn’t always equal high quality work. For upcoming businesses, a great price for talented work can give your business a huge boost. However, the demand for web engineers is increasing. Professional engineers will cost some money, but it will be worth the money.

Set a budget that is affordable and find someone who has completed quality work. Some freelancers will overcharge for the quality work they provide.

5. Takes Criticism

How do they respond to feedback? A common problem is developers who cannot handle getting negative feedback. Finding someone who can take the feedback and work on the issues is important.

Even better is if you find someone who wants the feedback; this is a sign that they are in this for the long haul and want to create the best work they can. Stick with people like that.

6. Team Players

Some web developers prefer to work alone. While that is fine for creativity and code writing, working with a team is an important skill set. They aren’t working on the projects alone; there are multiple people on the team.

Your candidate should be able to communicate effectively with the team and answer questions when needed. If they have to attend meetings, this shouldn’t be a problem for them.

7. Don’t Rush the Selection

Finally, don’t rush your selection. While you may feel under pressure to pick someone, selecting the wrong iOS developer will mean the process will need to begin again from the start. Talk the time to discuss everything with each candidate and listen to their answers. Find out how they would fit into your team. A rushed selection can easily be the wrong selection.

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