7 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos

March 16, 2017Diana Lengerson


With DSLR prices dropping, mirrorless cameras being introduced into the market, and smartphones having high megapixel cameras, anybody can now take great looking photos.

While more images are being produced digitally, the number of photos being printed has considerably dwindled. These days, people would rather share their pictures on various social media apps or photo blogging sites. While most people find digital archiving more convenient, there’s still something to be said about the power of a printed photograph. We list down 7 reasons why you should still print your photos.

It’s a Great Way to Organize Your Photos

In selecting the best images to print, you get to sort out and organize your photo collection. Each picture folder is inspected, allowing you to separate the good images from unusable ones. Deleting bad photos frees your hard-drive space, allowing more storage for future photos.

Printed Photos Makes You a Better Photographer

Tiny screens such as those found in your mobile phones don’t allow for much detail to be revealed. When you print and hold a photo in your hand, you start to notice the finer details. This leads to a closer inspection and in-depth review of your photography skills. The next time you take a picture, you’ll be more conscious of your technique and style.

Printing Expenses Have Become Cheaper

There was a time when having your photos developed cost a serious dent in your budget. With the various technological advances, printing expenses have now become more affordable. You can now save money by printing your photos at home with the help of an efficient printer and by choosing remanufactured ink or toner cartridges. Not only do these recycled printer products cost less, top-quality remanufactured cartridges are also more eco-friendly than new cartridges because you basically help keep the plastic and metal waste components from accumulating in landfills. Now you can print as many photos as you want right at the convenience of your own home, and you also get to help save the environment at the same time.

They Make for Great Back-Ups

Printing your photos also provide you with a hard copy of the events you took photos of. All technology fail at some point, and you don’t want to lose your photo collection when your hard drive, computer, CDs, or cloud storage fail. Storage devices are known to deteriorate over time, so it’s also a good idea to print your images while the photo files are still intact. Photo print-outs serve as excellent back-up, preserving those precious memories so you and your loved ones can enjoy them in the future.

They’re Great to Give as Gifts

While sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be fun, nothing beats giving away a physical copy of the image. Photographs make for great gifts, especially when celebrating a special occasion. Check Pinterest for a number of creative ways you can turn your photographs into unique and memorable presents.

Printed Images Help You Relive Special Memories

Printing has a way of bringing your photos to life. Printed photos have the power of taking us back to the simpler days—back when sending photographs through snail mail or browsing through your family’s photo albums were a thing. Printed images have a way of appealing to our emotions in a way that a digital screen simply just can’t. Holding a printed photo leaves a more lasting impression, making the memory or experience depicted more tangible and real.

It Inspires and Renews your Passion for Photography

A lot of hard work usually goes into creating the perfect image: you wait for the golden second to catch a glimpse of the sunset, you climb a hundred steps just to take a snapshot of a place from the right angle, and you hold your breath just so you don’t scare away a deer. When you don’t print these photos, they just remain forgotten in your digital archives. Printing photos give you the satisfaction of completing the photography process and makes you want to go out and shoot some more.

While digital archiving has its benefits, nothing beats the feeling of holding a printed photo in your hand. With more choices available for cost-efficient printing, there’s simply no excuse for not having your photos printed. The printing process enables you to see the beauty of your work in its full glory. This kind of satisfaction can fuel your passion for photography and encourage you to create more images you can be proud of.

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