7 Global Alternatives to the High-Energy Costs

January 25, 2017Diana Lengerson



The fact that the world is slowly warming is no secret. Some 97% of the scientific community agrees that humans and the fossil fuels we emit are the main attributors to global climate change. And if not addressed, we can see everything from rising oceans to global droughts.

It’s no laughing matter. That’s why there have been huge attempts in recent years to find global alternatives to fossil fuels and the high-energy costs that come with them. As renewable energies are becoming more popular, the cost of dealing with fossil fuels will become even more expensive over the years.

Below are seven of the top alternative energies to learn about if you’re interested in getting away from high energy costs. After you’re done with this article, click here to learn more about the rise of renewable energy.

  1. Hydropower

Approximately 160 countries around the world already use hydropower as a source of energy. Creating dams to produce electricity is one of the main global alternatives to high energy costs and has been used throughout history in order to produce electricity.

  1. Nuclear Fission


A lot of the world’s energy is already created by nuclear fission, but many people are still scared of the idea of nuclear power plants in their backyards. However, by and large, nuclear power plants are incredibly safe and have plenty of failsafe mechanisms to protect from a nuclear meltdown. Plus, they are great ways to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels until a completely safe source of energy can be found.

  1. Biomass

You probably haven’t even thought about it, but biomass energy has been humanity’s main source of energy for most of our history until the discovery of fossil fuels. Biomass energy production includes the burning of trees, crop residue, and other biological material for electricity and heat. This could be used a great replacement for the fossil fuel industry, if harnessed efficiently.

  1. Wind

Along with solar power, wind power is one of the most common renewable energies out there that could relieve us from our dependence on fossil fuels. With the rise of renewable energies around the world, the cost of installing wind turbines has dropped dramatically, leading to a rise in manufacturing and investment in the sector.

  1. Geothermal

Geothermal could be a very useful energy source in some places of the Earth that have high amounts of heat coming up from the crust. However, in most places around the world, geothermal energy could not be used because the heat from below our feet moves around too slowly.

Geothermal could be a great energy source in places where there are hot springs or an exceptional amount of heat moving around in the ground.

  1. Solar

Solar energy is probably one of the most viable alternatives to fossil fuels out there. The energy we can get from the sun is endless and if harnessed efficiently, could solve all of our long-term energy costs.

Plus, with the decrease in the cost of solar panels thanks to the increase in manufacturing, more and more people are hopping on the solar panel train. This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, when solar panels were still incredibly expensive. However, now even the most common American family can afford solar panels on their homes.

  1. Ocean Energy

Energy harnessed from the ocean’s currents and waves are by no means huge factors in global energy production. No one has come up with a fool-proof way of harnessing this kinetic energy, but that hasn’t stopped many people from trying.

At different places around the world where there are more waves and the tidal pull of the moon is stronger, harnessing the ocean’s energy could be a viable way to get energy. The costs of such a project would be along the same lines of hydropower.

There are seven of the top alternatives to fossil fuels and high energy costs. These energies are the energies of the future and should definitely be kept in your mind if you’re looking to invest in renewable energy or get involved somehow in the future.

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