6 Tips to Improve the Battery Life of Your iPhone

November 30, 2016Diana Lengerson


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Living in the age of smartphones, we all know that constant struggle to make sure our battery is fully charged and doesn’t die on us.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about your iPhones battery life, here are some tips to get more out of your battery life.

  1. Disable Auto-Upload to iCloud

Using iCloud makes life a lot more manageable with backing up and sharing your photos and videos anytime you want them. Anytime we chose to upload data to the internet, the cloud, or to a service (social media), you’re draining a lot of battery in the process.

It will be beneficial for your battery if you always remember to intentionally upload manually to iCloud. Do not rely on your phone to automatically run this process in the background. This will cause the battery to drain every time you take or save a picture or video. Manually uploading to your iCloud will allow you to save your battery much better, as you control when it gets uploaded.

Try doing this when your battery is fully charged, or solely from a computer.

  1. Turn Off Location Services

I’m including both the App Location services, and the Primary phone location services’.

It’s incredibly useful now a day to have GPS built into your iPhone. At any moment, and with a proper connection, you can find exactly where you are in the world. Sophisticated enough to also be connected to Apps that can assist you if you’re: hungry, need gas, or emergency assistance.

However, when a service uses data to be sent across a network, it’s going to require a battery to power it. Location services are great to have, but will drain your battery like you wouldn’t believe.

The best option to save your battery is to turn all the location services off. Especially within the Apps because these apps can constantly run in the background tracking you. Further draining the life out of your battery.

If you’re worried, let me assure you doing this is very safe and can be turned back on anytime you need it. But having it turned off during the normal day will extend your battery life.

  1. Turn on Auto-Brightness

You’re a proud owner of an iPhone, and should familiarize yourself with all useful features. One that can help save your battery, the Auto-Brightness feature.

Using light sensors, your iPhone can adjust the brightness of your screen simply based on all the available light around it. For instance, it can tell if it’s sunny, or dark, and adjust the brightness per these situations.

This is amazing for making it easier to see your screen and does wonders for your battery. Anytime your screen requires less power (like a dimmer brightness) it will save you more energy.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi-Assist

By now, you’ve all heard the rumor that your phone will constantly search for a Wi-Fi signal even if you are nowhere near one. Sadly, for our battery, this is true. But luckily for you, your iPhone has a handy new feature to help with that.

You should turn on Wi-Fi-Assist on your iPhone immediately. This feature no longer will allow your phone to constantly search for a Wi-Fi signal. Instead, this feature will immediately switch to your cellular data in replace of the Wi-Fi. It will switch back and forth when the signal gets stronger and weaker.

If you find yourself without this feature it may be time to get rid of an iPhone and trade in for a newer model.

Also, as a precaution be aware this may increase your data consumption though.

  1. Disable Auto-Update Apps

On an iPhone devices with iOS 7 software or higher, you no longer need to remember to manually update your apps. Apple has guided you into the future with this ability.

Your iPhone now is capable of automatically updating your Apps all on its own. Not only that, it knows exactly when to do it too, so anytime you open an app, you’ll have the newest update available. Awesome, right?

Oh, did I forget to mention that this little feature drains a ton of battery too? Well…it does indeed.

You should disable this feature to help save your battery. You should strive to only update apps manually and when you want them to be updated with the latest software version. This will produce better battery power and leave you with more memory.

  1. Disable App Suggestions

This feature was release with Apple’s iOS 8 software improvements.

The quick gist of it is, this app uses your Location Service to find apps that you can benefit from based on where you are. In theory, it’s a good idea. The result on your battery has been disastrous.

It’s not needed, maybe if you’re traveling but to use it daily in a place where you’re very familiar with, doesn’t seem essential.

My advice here is to disable it. It uses extra life from your battery. It also uses battery to continuously communicate with the App Store.

To know the steps on how to do any of these fixes, head over to Lifewire.

There’s a reason why Apple is a world leader. It’s iPhones are a symbol of advancement in technology. But as a smartphone owner, it’s up to you to make sure you’re managing your phones life at the best of its ability. You can’t blame Apple when you’re the one using the phone. Remember these tips to help get the best life out of your battery.





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