5 Skills You Can Develop with The Use of Smartphones

July 8, 2017Diana Lengerson


Photo by Kaique Rocha, CC0 1.0

Did you know that smartphones are actually making us more intelligent and more skilled the more that we use them? So many people decry the use of smartphones on a daily basis because they make us less intelligent, but that’s not the case. Never before in the history of the world have we had so much education and information at our fingertips. We can Google pretty much anything we want, connect to anyone we want, and learn about world news with one app. What more could we want? Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through the top skills that you can learn when you use a smartphone. These are skills that everyone can develop, no matter who you are or where you come from.

  1. Context Awareness

With the rise of location-based services, people can now learn more about their surroundings than ever before. When you look down at Google or Apple Maps, you can tell exactly where you are in the world and what’s around you. What new restaurants have you not heard of? What libraries are around where you can go pick up some new books? From there, we can learn more contextual awareness of where we are in the world and how we get to these new locations.

  1. Research and Informational Skills

Of course, one of the top skills that we get to learn from using a smartphone are research and information skills. We can now Google anything that we want to know and determine whether the information we find is accurate or whether we should do more digging. This gives us the skill of determining fake information from the real information that’s gone through numerous studies. Make sure that you also have a case for your smart phone so that you don’t break your phone when looking up this new information!

  1. Literacy and Reading

Another great skill that we get to improve when we use a smartphone is our literacy skill. When we read our text messages, the news from our news app, and any kind of article from the Internet, we are going to be improving how we read. And this is something that everyone should be working on throughout their lives. When we read at a higher level, we are going to be able to have more intelligent discussions with others and will have stronger nonverbal reasoning skills.

  1. Social and Collaborative Skills

One of the top reasons why someone uses a smartphone is to connect with others in the world. You may have a friend on the other side of the world that you want to speak with and with the rise of the social networks, you can now do this. This allows you to work on your social skills.

In addition to that, with the rise of the importance of smartphones in the business world, you can now work on your collaboration skills. You can connect with a colleague on the other side of the world and chat about new strategies for your business, right from your smartphone!

  1. Technical and New Media Skills

When we use a smartphone, we are automatically going to be learning how software and how intricate technologies work. This is why young people are so tech-savvy and can pick up any piece of technology and learn how it works. Young people have grown up being surrounded by software, so it’s much easier to pick up a new piece of software than with older people. This is something that everyone should be working on learning as this technology is not going away anytime soon.

When it comes to smartphones, many people don’t see the benefit of having them in our lives. However, the benefits are boundless, as shown above. We are learning so many new skills and improving old ones whenever we have smartphones in our hands.

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