August 31, 2016Diana Lengerson

Investing in a quality internet enabled mobile device ensures that you remain connected while on the move. However, such devices need regular care and maintenance if they’re to remain useful.

A broken screen, dead battery or any malfunction in your mobile device could mean that you cannot communicate with your friends and colleagues or even access the internet. In such instances getting genuine replacement parts is necessary.

Maxitek offers a wide range of mobile device accessories that range from touchscreens to batteries. The business is located in Portugal and has several stores within the country.


Their huge collection of accessories covers most of the top brands including the iPhone, Samsung, Alcatel and Microsoft. Apart from mobile device accessories, the store also supplies Jovy Systems products including BGA rework stations and soldering stations.

These are a great investment for any DIY enthusiast who prefers to repair their own mobile devices or if you run your mobile device repairs shop.

If you want a new device, the store has a huge collection of tablets on sale.The products on sale are competitively priced and shipping is done within 2 days of receipt of your order. Each order is shipped via UPS with order tracking enabled.

The business also offers special discounts on select products from time to time. Their product range continues to grow as new devices are introduced into the market.

If you’re looking for a great place to shop for mobile devices and accessories at affordable rates, Maxitek is a good option. Whether you want a replacement part or run a mobile device repairs shop, this business has the items you need.

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