The Importance of Choosing The Right Climbing Helmet and Shoes

May 8, 2017Diana Lengerson


When looking for the right climbing helmet, there are special things you need to consider. These include:

  • Type of foam
  • Helmet weight
  • adjustment protocols
  • attachment areas

…and more.

Read on to find out what’s most important when choosing the most essential of climbing gear.

You’ve heard of the company Black Diamond. We’ll start with their half dome helmet. It features a sleek design, a number of safety features, and has the added benefit of being quite light. Basically, these are the most important aspects climbers look at when shopping for climbing helmets. This helmet actually weighs less than a pound – less than 1 kilo. Think about that! There will be no neck strain with this. Actually, you’re going to forget you even have one on. You can choose between small/medium and large and various colors. We recommend bright colors for safety reasons.

What characterizes a good climbing helmet? As with everything else, the right helmet would depend on the person and the type of climbing they do, and on the climber’s skill level. What all good helmets have in common, however, is this: a good helmet is effective, robust, and safe.

If your child also goes climbing, the Petzl Picchu helmet is a good choice. Also suitable for cycling, this helmet is easy to adjust, light, and well ventilated. It can fit any head size but is best for children under 7. It can be personalized with stickers too. Your child will love it. This helmet is also great for skating and skiing and is well-priced.

The Mammut Skywalker 2 climbing helmet features a very hard, durable plastic shell, CE certification, and an inside layer of expanded polystyrene foam. It is quick and easy to adjust and has several openings for proper ventilation. It is adjusted via a thumbwheel and its clips can hold your headlamp reliably. The openings do not compromise its ability to protect from impact – it is very tough and rugged – and reasonably priced.

The Black Diamond Vector lightweight climbing helmet features a six-point webbing suspension and weighs just 1.3 pounds. It’s lined with expanded polystyrene foam to better absorb shock. The adjustment system guarantees the helmet is centered and stable on the climber’s head during trekking. The chin strap limits the likelihood of losing the helmet if you fall.

This helmet also features accessories to attach external gears like headlamps, visors/shields, and hearing protection.

Going back a little – Petzl has good products for adults as well. Their helmets ( Petzl Pro Vertex) are not ventilated, guaranteeing top protection from falling rocks and other risks. The adjustment system keeps the helmet centered and steady. The helmet ensures a perfect fit thanks to two well-designed, thick pieces of foam.

Climbing shoes

Evolv is one of the brands with quite an impressive product range. We are going to compare two of their models – the Luchachor SC Climbing Shoe and the Cruzer Approach Shoe. They are both for men. The first one has a three-strap hook, elastic tongue system, synthetic upper, unlined leather footbed and an asymmetrical toe profile.

The second has a canvas upper, microfiber liner, thin and flat midsole and collapsible heel. Click here for more info about men’s climbing shoes.


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