Diamond Armor Magnetic Phone Mount Review

August 4, 2017Diana Lengerson


Are you looking for a top-quality hands-free mobile phone car mount? There are probably hundreds of dashboard phone holders in the market, but the top-rated Diamond Armor Magnetic Phone Mount clearly ranks among the best. Here is a comprehensive review of this gadget and reasons why you should have one. 

Diamond Armor Magnetic Phone Mount Features: 

-Has a 3M mount adhesive and industrial-strength magnet. This provides the much needed grip to your phone, ensuring no rocking movement destabilize your device even when driving on rough roads. 

-This mount also has an open ultra-thin metallic disc package that can be used with or without a phone case. This means that you do not have to get rid of your cell phone’s outer case every time you need to use this Universal Diamond Armor mount. 

-The mount is designed with a 360-degrees rotational viewing angle. Users can fully access all the ports and controls on the phone by simply turning their device on the mount to the desired position. You will not need to detach the device to reach the charging port, the earphone plughole or to receive a call. 

-Apart from the Diamond Armor Mount and Plate, the product also features Alcohol Prep Pad that is used for cleaning the designated mounted area on your cell phone. This helps to remove any sticky residues that might be used to fix the metallic discs on the phone case. 

This mount supports every iPhone device including iPhone 7 Plus. It also supports all Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Smartphone devices. This is a big advantage given that almost everyone with a Smartphone can use it and enjoy the features. 
Can be used with or without a phone case. This makes it convenient for mobile phone users who prefer fixing permanent rubber sheaths on their devices.

You will only need to set the metallic disc on the phone case and the magnetic mount will pull the device into position. Apart from fixing your phone on the mount, you can also fix other items such as the vanity mirror while applying make up or a camera when recording videos.

The magnetic mount comes with a package dimension of 5.1 x 2.8 x 1 inches, which to some people is a bit large and costs extra when shipping. This can be costly if you are buying from a different country. However, given the top benefits, it is worth paying the extra shipping costs. 

Given that the pros of this product greatly outnumber the cons, it is proper to conclude that Diamond Armor Magnetic Phone Mount is worth trying out. It is a simple mount with great features that will make you enjoy using your cell phone in unique and highly-engaging ways. 

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