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August 2, 2017Diana Lengerson

We love people around us, and their birthdays are always a special occasion in which we can show that.

But giving someone the perfect gift is not always as easy as it sounds. Lately, it has become trendy to give birth-month related gifts and birthstones as a present, this makes the “what to buy” decision a lot easier and your beloved friend will actually end up with an awesome piece of clothing or an elegant stone accessory to combine.

In this article, we are reviewing a site that offers all kinds of birth-month related gifts and birthstones for you to see if it fits your needs.

About the site is an E-Commerce website that offers a nice stock of birthday presents for a woman, set by month of birth which includes blouses, shirts, and shoes, but mainly focused on the sale of birthstones jewelry.

Birthday presents

On this site, you can find really good props such as Month-Queen Racer-back Tanks and V-neck Tops with awesome and trendy sporty designs, representative flowery designed sneakers and leather tote purses that combine perfectly with all we mentioned before.


As you could imagine by its name, this is the sites biggest attraction. There are around 5-7 awesome, elegant and luxurious ring designs for every month, and if you are not into rings, they do sell jewelry sets with earring and necklaces, heart and tear shaped necklaces filled with a beautiful metal finish in silver, gold and white gold, depending on your birth jewel.

They guarantee to work as close as possible with artisans to get unique pieces that you won’t find in local stores, giving your personal jewelry box a new touch of color while you get the feeling of representing your birth month in your outfit.


They manage prices below the average for high-quality jewelry hand-made with sleek mixed metals and natural stones which are a plus.

About the shipping, they operate in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom while offering also worldwide shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Brazil.

They work as an online store and accept PayPal. All prices will display in your country’s local currency but will be calculated and deducted in USD.

They have a return policy of 30 days upon purchase or 7 days upon delivery. If your purchase doesn’t arrive, materially match the description or presents any factory defect and your payment is eligible, they will reimburse the whole cost, including the shipping.


Despite being a relatively new site, they count with a solid base of over 50 positive reviews of happy customers, a wide range of selectable jewels for purchase, incredibly elegant and trending designs with durable materials and really friendly service conditions.

If you are planning to buy a present for your best girl or just thinking about following the birth-month trend that has been hitting the fashion world the whole year, this is definitely a nice place to start looking.

We hope you enjoy this information and that our review was useful to you, remember to share this with your friends, they may be having trouble choosing the right gift.

You can tell them your experience or your opinion about the site and its trends in the comment section below. Visit today 🙂

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