5 Gemstones You Can Gift Your Loved Ones

April 1, 2017Diana Lengerson


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Gemstones are one of them most thoughtful gifts that you can give a loved one or that special someone in your life. They are super flexible in terms of what kind of gift you can give – whether that gemstone is in a necklace, a ring, or just a stone he or she can carry around. Plus, each gemstone has specific properties that are said to have special healing properties or bring out certain characteristics in the person who’s holding it. Many ancient and modern civilizations have been entranced by the powers of various gemstones and many people still believe that these powers are real. Why not help a loved one feel these special powers, as well?

Down below, we’re going to go through the top gemstones that you can gift to your loved one. Which one will you choose?


The first gemstone on our list is one that so many people love – amethyst. It’s one of the most powerful healing stones that you could choose from because it’s believed to be a source of divine power and inspiration. The deep purple color of the amethyst stone is said to bring that divinity right into your hands. Look deep into an amethyst and you might just have a brain blast of spiritual inspiration. If you’ve had a previously tough relationship with a person, this is the perfect gift to give them in order to heal old wounds. Plus, it’s just a beautiful stone! Make sure to get yours from a verified gemstone dealer to get the true positive effects from it.

2.Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is an absolutely perfect choice for any loved one in your life. It’s a good idea if you want to manifest a steadfast and lasting love with someone special. It’s a stone that’s said to improve the qualities of commitment and honor in your life. For example, this would be a great anniversary present for that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Or it could be great for a family member that has had a huge impact on your life.

3.Green Emeralds

The biggest semblance that’s brought on with emeralds is everlasting love. If you have a relationship with someone that’s a little off balance, gift them an emerald to bring that relationship back into balance. Or if you have a strong relationship with someone in your life, a gift of an emerald can give a boost to that already strong friendship or relationship. Emeralds are said to promote the values of loyalty and faithfulness, so it’s pretty much the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is special to you. For example, if you have a best friend who is looking to find a new love in his or her life, you can give them an emerald to help them attract that love.


The second to last stone we’re going to mention is the moonstone – the symbol of new love or a new beginning. It’s basically the stone most used whenever you need a restart in a relationship. If you’ve had a rocky relationship with someone in the past or recently had a big break-up, then the gift of a moonstone is going to start healing those broken bonds between you two.


And lastly we have a pearl, which is not necessarily a gemstone, but has some great properties to take advantage of. It’s formed by natural processes and therefore, has powers that you should know about. Pearls are a representation of purity in a relationship and help you to form a long-lasting and special relationship with someone.

Each and every one of these gemstones are perfect for someone in your life. No matter whether that person is part of your family or one of your good friends, you should definitely think about gifting them a gemstone.

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