If Your Site Ranks Low, This Is why

September 29, 2015Diana Lengerson

Do you have a site that has continuously ranked ridiculously low since you launched it weeks, months, or even years ago? Definitely, you are not doing something right. You may have the content but if your do not present it to your audience in the right manner, they may never find the gold in it. How, you ask? Well, your SEO Brisbane may be lacking some items in its ingredients. Here are some of the reasons your site may be raking low in the search engine results.

You have used wrong keywords to optimise your site

Wrong keywords are the sure way to kill your site ranking. This may happen because of two reasons: first, you are do not research your keywords and second, you blinded by research. You may assume that because you are an expert in equipment, you know everything about. Therefore, you do not research your keywords. Until you use the right keywords, you page will continue ranking low.

Your site is too slow

Google made clear that it would start considering your website speed to determine your site ranking. Therefore, if your site is slow, it will rank low. Your slow website is badmouthing the Google’s or any other search engines reputation, and that is why they will hate you.

Your webpage is out dated

Search engines will prefer ranking fresh sites rather than theold one. Therefore, if you have not updated your site lately, you will continue ranking low and cursing everything involved including yourself. Keep your webpageup to date!

Low social share counts

Your webpage is ranking low probably because you have low social shares. Social shares make search engines trust your content as being genuine and significant; hence, ranking your site high.  The more social share you have, the more traffic you get. If you have many visitors, few of them will backlink to your site. Backlink means high ranking.

You are too rigid to change tactics

Do you still use the old tactics to advertise your website? Did I see you give an affirmative nod? Well, it is time to move to the new and improved methods. In the 21st century, – just to update you- there has been a shift toward “natural language” when it comes to searches, that is, individuals writing or increasingly speaking, complete sentences into search engines, instead of only a couple pivotal words.

If you are just following non-exclusive magic words, it may be that your decisive word method is obsolete. The general population who are searching for you are utilizing new pivotal words or expressions, and you have to upgrade your catchphrase method.

You probably forget to use internal linking

Buildinglink is hard. If your SEO Brisbaneendeavours are not going as easily as you had trusted, crappy connection advancement may be the motivation behind why. When you are not an SEO, it can be difficult to concoct a promoting arrangement to assist yours with sitting draw in differed, high power joins. For hell’s sake, it is not a bedof roses notwithstanding when you are an SEO.

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