How To Make Customers More Interested In Your New Products

October 28, 2014Diana Lengerson

By adding new products to the offer every retailer hopes to draw the attention of new and existing customers. However, if often happens that these new additions go almost unnoticed.


Creating a sense of excitement about the new products is a skill every online retailer should posses and to successfully promote new items in your offer you will need to apply a few clever marketing techniques. Here are a few ideas you can use:

Attractive looking and easy to find

Every new addition to your online store should look great and be consistent with the rest of your offer. Add good quality images and comprehensive descriptions of every new product.

If you think that your product sales might benefit from it, add also short promotional films, which explain the main features of your products and show how to use them. Advertise your new products by adding a banner to the main site of your online store and creating a category, which groups all of your new products.

Make sure that everyone can see your new products, including desktop and mobile platform users. Look for Magento developers for hire to create mobile versions of your website.

Website development does not have to be expensive. If you want to cut the costs without affecting the quality of the design, look for Magento web services in Eastern Europe to find the best price for value.

Spread the good news

Create an aura of exclusivity around your new products by promoting them first in a small group of your most loyal customers: newsletter subscribers, fans of your social media profiles, returning customers, etc. Prepare an attractive offer designed especially for them, for example offer special discounts on new products for early buyers.

Encourage your fans to spread the news about your new additions by participating in your social media promotional campaigns and engaging in conversations about your new products on your social profiles.

Add reviews and product testimonials as early as possible

Every retailer knows or should know that any form of word of mouth recommendation is always more effective than carefully designed adversising campaigns. For the same reason customers trust and pay more attention to opinions and reviews of other customers than to official descriptions of the product.

When you add a new product to your offer, you should focus on getting customer reviews as quickly as possible. If you let things go as they always do and wait for someone to publish an opinion about your product, it might take weeks or months before your product gets reviewed by at least a few customers.

This is one more reason why you should first promote your products among the most loyal customers. You can offer the new products to a few of your returning customers in exchange for product reviews or you can announce a competition on your social media profile and offer free gifts for customers, who wrote the most interesting reviews of your new products. This way you will have plenty of opinions about your products before you go public with your new offer.

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