Golden Link Plus Review

March 21, 2015Diana Lengerson

Golden Link Plus is a business information platform. It works by allowing businesses to set up company profiles so that their information can be viewed and shared by other users and merchants all over the world.


Distributors are looking to sell products and manufacturers are looking for supplies, so this platform allows companies to connect so that they can make mutually beneficial deals.

There are a number of advantages to listing a company. First of all, it can help to brand the company and provide credibility. Also, it will add backlinks to the company website which will improve search engine optimization.


By getting into the Top 10 results, businesses can promote their products to other businesses around the world. Users can perform a geo-targeted search by Business Activity, Product or Company – making this a world-wide social network for international businesses.

The network can also be used to connect with other industry leaders and interact in a beneficial way. The website allows users to create clubs so that business owners can meet with others within their industry.

To find out more, read other Golden Link Plus reviews to determine whether this social network will benefit your business.

Connecting with the global marketplace and making the most of this business social media site is as easy as registering on the platform and creating a profile.

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