Nootriment Inositol and Its Benefits

March 23, 2016Diana Lengerson

What-to-ask-your-doctor-before-taking-dietary-supplementsNatural Nootropic compound; Inositol is an important vitamin B supplement which plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the brain. Human body derives nearly 2 grams of this vitamin from food staples like grains; beans; nuts and fruits whereas the rest 2 grams of Inositol are produced by the kidneys. This vitamin compound was initially discovered in traces in the human spinal fluid. Inositol takes part in various essential functioning of the body such as reducing the extra fat present in the body and turning them down into useful elements for the tissues; but its basic and main function lies in its action as a mood enhancer.

Understanding the vitamin Inositol

Inositol; a Vitamin B8 is a known as an isomer of glucose and carbohydrate sugar alcohol. Not less than 9 types of this supplement are found in the cell membranes of the brain and body which performs the function of transmitting equal fat content throughout the body. It helps the neurons of the CNS to communicate through the neurotransmitters thereby producing sufficient level of energy required for its functioning. Unblocking the calcium content present in the brain; Inositol helps the brains in developing efficient contacts with these neurotransmitters for the proper functioning of the brain.

Functions performed by this nootropic

Most of the important and active functions of Inositol are linked with the improvement of the functioning of the brain. Inositol supplements play a vital role as mood booster. It helps in controlling symptoms of anxiety and depression. Clinical tests have reported that this nootriment enhances the functioning of the brain and helps a person in the learning activity with good memory retention ability. Lessening the accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries leading to any blockage in the heart; cutting down the cholesterol level and body fat; are the other functions performed by Inositol.

Methods of working and benefits

This nootriment uses several methods for its working helping the body in its functioning. It takes the first route in breaking down the calcium channels of the brain helping in the working of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin plays an active role in controlling your mood and sleeping habits. In the transmission of gene and its expression too; Inositol plays a major role; however the exact gateway is yet to be discovered. With all its uses; this vitamin finds an important role to play for the proper functioning of the brain and shaping the body.

Dosage and side effects involved

The dosage varies depending upon the requirement of one’s bodily needs. From 500mg to several grams; the dosage varies from one user to another. Its intake can be spilt up to some specific amount which you can take throughout the day i.e. those taking 500mg can spilt the dosage into 250mg each before or after meals twice in a day. As per your convenience; you can initially start with low dosage and eventually increase it upon requirement. Test have proved that Inositol comes with no side effects; however stances of minimal side effects like stomach upset; diarrhea, headache, nausea can be witnessed at the initial stage of starting the dosage.

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