Losing Weight in a Healthy Manner – Simple Steps to Achieve the Task

October 6, 2014Diana Lengerson

A lot of people wonder how to lose weight in a healthy way. The safest and most effective way to shed some pounds is to reduce your energy intake, while increasing the energy output. In simple terms, it means you have to eat less calories, and burn more. Your energy intake is the difference between the calories you consume in a day and the calories you burn. At the end of every day, it determines whether you gain or lose weight.

It’s extremely important to limit high calorie and fatty foods. You need to choose some low calorie alternatives, and even control portion sizes. In this post, we’ve discussed 8 golden rules to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Eat Regular Meals 

Contrary to the common notion, you should never skip any meals. Regular meals can provide you with sufficient amount of energy to get through the day. When you depend on irregular meals, it may lead to snacking. You may also increase portion sizes.

Limit Snacks 

Snacking on oily, sweet or deep fried foods can add a lot of calories to your regular diet. In case you experience cravings, you should choose low calorie alternatives like low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, wholemeal bread and more. Such alternatives are more nutritious and filling.

Reduce Fat 

weight-lossCutting down your intake of fat is one of the most effective ways to reduce your calorie intake and shed some pounds. Fats are just concentrated source of calories. In case you cook at home, you should eliminate visible fats from the food before cooking. You should also choose low fat preparation methods like baking, steaming, grilling, boiling, roasting or frying with less oil. This will help you keep dishes lower in energy and fat.

You should always avoid deep fried and oily foods, gravies with too much oil floating on the surface and dishes cooked with coconut milk. It’s always better to skim off visible oil in the dishes and soups with gravy.

Reduce Sugar 

Sugar gives you just energy, and very little amount of other essential nutrients. In order to lose weight, you need to limit your intake of cakes, candies, kuehs, desserts, sweet pastries and other such foods. These foods contain a high amount of added sugar.

It’s also important to keep a watch on your drinks. Drinking plain water over sweetened juices and drinks is always a better idea. Drinking a lot of artificial juices and drinks can keep you at increased risk of obesity, and even tooth decay.

High Fibre Diet 

Fibre absorbs a lot of water and swells in your stomach. It can help you feel full for extended periods. You should eat a wide range of minimally processed organic foods like vegetables, beans, lentils, fruits and whole grains including wholemeal bread, brown rice and multigrain bread. This will promote weight loss.

Control the Portion Sizes 

When you wonder how to lose weight in a healthy way, it’s important to control your portion sizes. Even eating healthy foods in abundance can lead to higher calorie intake and weight gain. Therefore, you should eat all the foods in moderation. It’s important to control the portion sizes of your meals.

Protect Yourself from Festive Feasting 

Most festive treats are completely packed with fat and sugar. You should keep a check on the quantity of festive treats, while catching up with relatives and friends. Here are some effective tips :

  • Limit the amount of treats you buy. This is because you may be tempted to even finish the leftovers.
  • You should also portion out the festive treats, and eat them in a small plate.
  • Over unhealthy and sugary festive treats, you should choose fresh fruits like mandarin oranges.
  • It is also important to buy low calorie drinks like plain water, diet soft drinks, unsweetened fruit tea and green tea.

Exercise Regularly 

In order to lose weight and increase the energy output, you need to perform regular exercises. If you’re just a beginner, you can start with some low impact exercises, like 30 minutes of jogging or brisk walking just 3-4 times a week. Once you get used to workouts, you can increase the distance and duration of your jogs or walks.

Some other effective cardiovascular exercises promoting weight loss include swimming, dancing and cycling. If you want to make sure you don’t get bored, you need to focus on a wide range of activities and exercises. In case you lack discipline or motivation, you should get an exercise companion.

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