Why Should You Go Gluten-Free

September 13, 2014Diana Lengerson

Gluten is a sticky protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, etc. Usually it is used in bread fabrication as an additive, helping bakery products increase in volume as well. Using gluten makes the dough elastic and fluffy. Gluten can also be found in pasta, beer, medicines, toothpaste, ice cream, commercial mayonnaise, and so on.

Gluten intolerance is quite rare, but has become very common among people nowadays. As much as gluten intolerance remains untreated, it gets worse, leading to disease such as cancer, Vitamin D deficiency, abortion, thyroid problems, etc.

Whenever you feel more tired than usual or frequent problems with bloating and digestion, maybe it would be wise to cut gluten products out of your meals for one month. After one month, you’ll know what to change in your diet.

Glutendex.com offers two main services. The first is an educational blog about gluten intolerance and Celiac disease. The second is a searchable food list that sorts foods based on whether or not they contain gluten. We offer this list service in an iOS app as well.


Glutendex.com offers users detailed information and tips on how to cut gluten products as much as possible. The website aims to inform the public how gluten intolerance can affect health, causing serious medical issues such as depression and anxiety. Basically, on the website you can find any kind of information gluten related, including a list of gluten free products.

Whether you’re trying to get informed or want to make a step forward to eat healthier, this website is one of the best sources on the Internet.

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