What Buyers Want: Home Trends in 2014

July 13, 2014Diana Lengerson

There are two types of home trends: passing fads and enduring styles. Sometimes home trends go the way of laminate countertops, pastel tile, and mirrored walls, but others have staying power.

In 2014, builders are focused on creating homes that align with the needs of discerning homebuyers, but offer classic elements designed to withstand the test of time. Many new construction houses strike the perfect balance between distinctive style and timeless features. Here are four popular home trends that are designed to appeal to homebuyers for years to come.

Open Concept Living

Many of today’s homebuyers are searching for properties that offer open concept living areas. Having a large open kitchen and living room makes it much easier to entertain guests. There is more space for people to mingle and move around, and you can still be involved in the party if you’re doing prep work in the kitchen.

Open concept living is about bringing families and friends together into a unified living space, rather than parsing them out into separate rooms. This particular home trend encourages closeness, conversation, and connection, and will be on many homebuyers’ must-have checklists for years to come.

Stone Countertops

Some may argue that stone countertops are just another passing fad. But the truth is that they offer the durability and functionality that modern-day homebuyers are looking for. It’s also important to note that they’ve already been a popular fixture in homes across the country for over a decade.

Stone countertops come in a variety of different materials to suit every style, from granite and quartz to soapstone and marble. Buyers appreciate the unparalleled strength, stain resistance, and style that natural stone counters provide. Stone countertops are here an enduring trend that’s here to stay in 2014 and beyond.

Eco-friendly Features

As people have become more aware of their impact on the environment in recent years, eco-friendly features have been making their way into homes everywhere. Things like solar panels, energy efficient appliances, and sustainable materials have become commonplace in new construction.

Not only do these unique eco-friendly features help reduce resident’s carbon footprints, they also help individual homeowners save money over time. It’s a win-win for both the planet and the homebuyer. Green living is a home trend with staying power.

Kitchen Islands

As open concept living has become more popular, so have kitchen islands. These functional elements often serve multiple purposes as extra storage and kitchen prep space, as well as additional seating for friends and family.

Typically, kitchen islands have built-in cabinets to store pots and pans, small appliances, or cookware. Some of them come equipped with raised countertop areas, providing a unique casual dining space for enjoying meals. Because of their stylish and functional design, kitchen islands are often a must-have feature on the checklists of today’s buyers.

Today’s new construction homes offer high-quality features and classic design elements that will remain popular for years to come. Many of 2014’s most popular home trends are functional elements that provide practical, stylish solutions for modern-day homebuyers.

About the author: Ryan Summers is an experienced real estate and construction expert. In addition to working on selected projects for clients around the Midwest, he writes extensively on how to find or build your dream home. If you’re a homebuyer that’s interested in exploring your options for new construction in Michigan, contact Pinnacle Homes today for more information about their communities and floor plans. You won’t be disappointed!



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