How to Get Paid for Sharing the Things You Love

February 25, 2015Diana Lengerson

Are you a fun of things that are so unique and created with a whole lot of creativity? Then Sellsume is the place to be. This website is an essential tool for business owners that have an online presence in the form of a blog, website or social media fan page from where they conduct their sales and purchases.

Once a purchase is made from your website, it gets captured by Sellsume which enables the customer to share their purchase through Facebook, Pinterest and other channels of this kind through a unique link that they are given.

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Whenever a purchase is made through this link, it is again captured by this website thus earning the customer a reward that can be saved in their account or donated to charity via

These products are categorized into quite a number of groups such as art, furniture, pets and kids. Most of these have a beauty that is unmatched and due to this website’s responsiveness and ease of use, it has become one of the most adorable marketing tools of all time.

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