What’s Trending in Social Media Marketing?

October 10, 2017Diana Lengerson

Over the past five years, social media networks have collected nearly one billion new users. That equates to around one-third of the global population having access to social media. These are some of the elements that have businesses waking up to the role of social media in their marketing efforts, and getting serious about it.

Social media virtually dominates today’s world. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people with their tablets or mobile phones in hand checking and engaging on their social media accounts. This trend has opened up marketing doors for businesses that are constantly evolving, so you must stay on top of the current trends.

Tips and Trends to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

  • Visual Marketing is fast-becoming the trending thing across social media platforms. Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope, Instagram (images and video), and YouTube are top on the list of visual marketing trends. Live feeds are the in-thing, so you should be engaging your audience with more visual marketing. It’s so simple and efficient, you have no reason not to do it.
  • Native Content Promotion is trending and set to expand. Traditional advertising no long entices today’s audience. They are too wise on commercial ploys in conventional advertising. Native ads are designed to create awareness without being a distraction to users. This is the perfect way to deliver content that connects you with your target audience across social media networks, without appearing too pushy.
  • Personalization is a priority in today’s business marketing strategies. As a marketer, this helps you reach out to social media users who need or want your products or services. Most social marketing tools, like Facebook Ads, already incorporates personalization for reaching out to specific markets.
  • Influencers and Brand Advocacy is a growing and popular element for modern marketers. Due to massive saturation in almost all industries, you need an alternative way to reach out to your intended audience. Investing your efforts in advocate marketing is time well spent with better returns. Influencers (popular social media users and bloggers) will help boost your brand across social media better than you can keep up with advertising. Their influence comes from obtaining a huge following that provides them with credibility that you can use to promote your own brand. Their followers consider them more credible than you.
  • Marketing Automation is set to go Mainstream in the coming year or so. This is a bandwagon that your business should jump on since it’s not an arena that is saturated…yet. You might be surprised to know that those who are using marketing automation are starting to lose revenue. It’s at least time to look at and consider marketing automation before your competitors beat you to it.

Social Media Apps on Apple iPhone 5

Social media is a marketing haven for small to large businesses as long as they are staying on top of the current trends and adapting to the ever-changing face of social media marketing. These tips are great for current trends, and some are likely to continue and grow. It’s important that you stay abreast of all the latest features and technology that social media offers to boost your marketing efforts on all social networks.

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