How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Work and Personal Life

April 23, 2018Diana Lengerson

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Striking a balance between work and personal life is something that comes up a lot these days. We’ve got some tips from the Vibrant Life Oklahoma company. While it might be a popular topic on job forums and around the water cooler, the fact is that most people simply haven’t figured out how to strike that ideal balance in their own lives. Finding the perfect balance between work and personal life isn’t easy, but it is something that you can do if you put your mind to it. Keep reading to learn more about how you can balance your job and your personal life effectively so you make the most out of both. Whether you run an electronics franchise or you work from home, finding the right balance in life is essential.

Use Your Calendar

Almost everybody has a calendar on their smart phone or computer these days. If you don’t like the digital versions of calendars out there, perhaps you have a physical one that follows you around from place to place. Are you really using it, though? If you’re starting to feel like your job is taking over your life and you don’t have the balance that you’re looking for, using a calendar to schedule your tasks can help you be more efficient. You’ll also be able to give yourself a time of day when it’s time to stop the work clock and get back to your personal life. You may not be able to follow your calendar 365 days of the year, but on most days, having a schedule can help you efficiently block your time between work and personal life.

Don’t Bring Work Home

In today’s economy it isn’t uncommon for people to leave work and go home to work. For many people, leaving work at work can help them create a much better balance between work and personal life. Leaving your work at the office isn’t always possible, but on most days, doing this will help you make the most of both parts of your life. Use your calendar to put an end time on your work schedule and once the clock strikes that hour and minute, it’s time to switch to personal life mode. If you’re going home to family, they’ll appreciate the time you spend with them without your job on the mind. You’ll also be a lot more likely to be productive after you take a real break.

Do Something You Enjoy Daily

One of the hardest things to do for many people is to leave work at work. If you’re one of those people, planning something that you enjoy into your day, ideally at the end of the day, can really go a long way toward getting you out of work mode. From going to the gym to watching a movie with your family at home, there are lots of daily activities that can keep you engaged in your personal life. Plan your daily activity in your calendar and try to stick to it even when you feel like you should be working. You may not be able to schedule a leisure activity during the busiest times, but even a quick workout can go a long way toward putting you in the right mindset.

Plan Your Time Off

For most people, time off on the weekends is used for lounging around and sleeping in. The problem is that these activities aren’t always ideal when it comes to really enjoying your time off with the people you care about. When you have weekends off, try to make a loose plan of activities that you’re going to take on. Whether you go to the movies with the kids, take up hiking or take a short weekend trip is up to you. Doing something that you enjoy is the whole point, though, so pick activities that excite  you. You’ll feel a lot more refreshed once you get back to work after a well-spent weekend.

Finding the right balance of work life and personal life can be difficult for a lot of people. The fact is that you need your personal life to make work life efficient and you need work to have a quality personal life. Use your calendar to make a strict schedule and plan your time away from your job. It might sound simple, but it has worked for many people having troubling balancing two dominating aspects of their lives before.

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