June 23, 2014Diana Lengerson


A large tablet is always more effective than many other portable devices that we can think of, but, of course, it depends on the purpose we intend to use it. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Tablet is one of the best rated in the market. Its features are unique and therefore this tablet deserves every penny.

Koreans have chosen for themselves a kind of path of development: to produce the same type of gadgets, but with different size of screens. On the example of the 12-inch model can be seen that this approach can be quite strange. We want to understand in practice, what opportunities does the device to be considered a useful aid for those who choose gadget primarily for work.

Samsung GALAXY Note Pro 12.2 – the device does not come cheap, the model with Wi-Fi and the version with LTE it will have to withstand competition from Windows-devices.If you are looking for a quality tablet, I strongly recommend this one without any hesitation.



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