Present drop – Santa Support

December 24, 2015Diana Lengerson

It is that time of the year again when the jingle bells can be heard for miles and miles and all people want to do is make merry and celebrate life. So how about a couple of great Christmas themed games to help you get your Christmas spirit on?

Present drop – Santa Support

The iTunes platform provides applications and software for a wide range of apple devices including mac computers, iPhones iPads and the apple smart watches that accompany these devices.

Other than being the platform that hundreds of musicians worldwide sell their singles and albums to their loyal fans, it offers a wide range of developers the canvass they require to advertise and offer their applications and programs to the world either for free or at a fee.


Users also get a secure environment where they can make online payments for services offered. With a variety of games and assortment of cool apps meant to customize your apple device and experience, iTunes is definitely the place to be for any apple device user.

He may be a fictional character, but he is the symbol of love, kindness and generosity to so many. The big man with the deep voice and the white flowing beard that resembles a mane is finally part of a cool new game.

Present drop –Santa Support is a game for the iOS environment that is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. In this highly captivating game, one is given the chance to help Santa train and perfect his present delivery skills.


The gameplay itself is rather simple and quite addictive as all you need to do is to tap in the game and make sure that the presents are delivered. With the objective of the game being to see exactly how many presents you can help Santa deliver, it simply falls to you to put those excellent hand eye coordination skills to good use and ensure that as many present as possible are delivered.

The app also comes with the advantage of being light as it occupies only 9.4 megabytes of your device storage. So why not get started now for free, and help Santa perfect his skills so that no good child may lack a present come Christmas morning.

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