Search For Posts – Find your Facebook Posts Quickly and Easily

April 15, 2016Diana Lengerson

How many times have you searched for specific content on your user profile on Facebook? It’s a frustrating and tiring process. At this moment there are millions of people wishing they had an easier way to search for content on Facebook.

In truth, Facebook has improved search features on their app, but something is still missing; the ability to break down search results by category. The Search For Posts app seeks to change this.


This app is for searching user content, specifically on Facebook, such as comments, places, photos, photo albums, etc. Facebook users who download this app simply need to type in a unique set of words to access any memory they wish to rediscover and share with their friends.

The app has quite powerful search functionality. It can find photos and videos based on the text contained in the description, or text contained in the name of the place where they are tagged. The app also can find content based on the text that is found in names of people tagged. You can just enter a portion of a word and the app will find all items that contain that portion in the text.

The app also provides some interesting statistics like what are the most common words used, who are people that comment the most, how many items were posted within a given month or year.

If you tap on a Facebook place in search results, you can see all of the photos, videos and posts tagged in the place or just the ones that contain the keywords used for searching.

You can also search for content that is posed within a given time period. Just specify the start and end date on Time Frame screen and you will see all of the timeline posts, photo albums, individual photos and videos that were posted within the specified time frame.

The app lets the user see found photos with zooming functionality. Also it lets the user play Facebook videos right within the app. All of the found content can also be shared using iOS share features like messaging, email, AirDrop, copy to clipboard and more.

In addition, users can also search content on a page that they like as well as content posted by another Facebook friend provided that they also use this app. Users will have 3 top search results of any content they index.

The search is performed on your Apple device only so you can be sure it will be private and secure. This app  is free to download on the App store, but in-app purchases apply.

If you want to make the most out of this app, you may consider making the one time in-app purchase which will let you have access to unlimited search results as opposed to just 3.

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