Head Lice Treatment Home Remedies

May 30, 2016Diana Lengerson

Lice are tiny insects that can infiltrate your hair or body. There are three different types of lice: head, body and pubic. They feed of off human blood and can be a complete nuisance. Children are widely affected by head lice because it is so contagious. Using another person’s hair brush, pillow or blanket could infect you. Children easily pass it back and forth to each other in day care.


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Lice leave saliva behind when they feed off of the blood. The saliva is highly reactive causing itching, redness and dandruff. Children can be very bothered by head lice because they do not understand it. If you suspect your child is suffering from head lice, I suggest you try some of these home remedies.

Combing the Hair While Wet

Combing through the hair with a fine-toothed comb will help remove lice and some of the nits that are attached to the hair. The ability to see them is much easier and if you use conditioner it lubricates the hair making it easier to comb the lice, nits and eggs out. You will want to comb from the scalp to the end of the hair at least two times if not more. You will do this at least two to three times a day for up to two weeks after you have found the last set of lice, nits and eggs.

Use Heat

Heat is extremely effective at drying out the lice and nits or eggs.In fact, heat can kill up to 98% of the eggs and 80% of the nits. You can apply heat by using a blow dryer on a daily basis over the span of your treatment.Treatment can last around a month.

Medical Head Lice Shampoo Treatments

Most drug stores have shampoos and/or conditions that are specific for killing lice called insecticides. They usually last anywhere from a week to two weeks. You will wash your hair with it, at times apply it and let it sit and then wash it out, and then use a comb to comb through and remove all of the dead lice, eggs and nits. Typically, these treatments do a fantastic job of getting rid of the lice. There are thousands of brands on the market with varying ingredients. I suggest you read the reviews and understand what ingredients are in each one.

Smothering Agents

One of the most commonly used techniques for killing lice is covering the head in mayonnaise for a time period, preferably overnight, in order to suffocate the lice. You will wash the mayonnaise out in the morning and then use your comb to comb-out all of the dead lice, nits and eggs. This is a very effective technique that a lot of mothers use on their children.

You can use olive oil, butter of petroleum jelly if you do not have mayonnaise on hand for this exercise.

Professional Treatment

If you finding that home remedies are not working, I suggest you seek professional help. Professional lice treatment is proven to kill all lice and eggs. They are FDA approve and kid-friendly. This is sometimes the best option to ensure that you have completely removed any signs of lice and can be worry free for your children and yourself.

Also, remember that if an infestation has happened to anyone in your house, you need to wash all clothing, sheets and blankets to remove any lice that may still be alive. Make sure you keep the person infect in a confined area where they cannot spread the infestation. Follow all treatments as specified and the lice can and will be taken care of.

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