How To Track Down An Old Friend

August 8, 2018Diana Lengerson

We all have those people who come into our lives, change them for the better and then somehow disappear. Perhaps their disappearance was due to a falling out or maybe the two of you just lost touch. Whatever the case may be, there will probably come a time where you realize that you miss this person and want to have a relationship with them again. However, if a lot of time has passed, it can be difficult to locate your lost friend. After all, people move and change their phone numbers. The people who were once important to you won’t always stay right where you left them.

Luckily, there are ways to find the people who’ve gone missing from your life. Here are some tips on how to track down an old friend.

Ask Around

One of the simplest ways to track down someone is to talk to mutual friends and acquaintances who might have kept in touch with the person in question. This can often be easier than having to look for the person yourself online.

Use Social Media

Before social media, it was extremely difficult to locate the people with whom we’d fallen out of contact. Today, it can be accomplished by simply searching a name. However, not everyone can be located via social media. For example, if a person has changed their name or uses a pseudonym online, it can make the process of tracking them down all the more challenging. Furthermore, some people utilize privacy settings and measures that make it virtually impossible to find them through a search. Remember, just because a person doesn’t exist on social media doesn’t mean that they don’t exist period. Instead, you’ll just have to use some more advanced techniques if you want to find them.

Search Public Records

If social media hasn’t been helpful, you can turn to public records. Public records offer more details about a person and unlike social media, a person can’t opt out of being featured in these databases. For example, every resident of New York is searchable via the NY public records. Utilizing a public records database isn’t free and you should be leery of the many scam websites online. Instead, opt for a trusted public records service, such as Intelius.

Approach With Caution

Once you’ve located your former friend, you should take certain precautions when making contact. If a lot of time has passed, there’s a chance that this person might have changed drastically or perhaps has not had a very happy life since you last saw them. Furthermore, if it was a falling out that led to them exiting your life, there’s a chance that they might still be holding onto old grudges.

The best way to reach out to an old friend is with a simple message or e-mail. Ask them how they’ve been since you last spoke and tell them that you hope they are having a lovely life. If your former friend replies and is excited about opening the lines of communication again, then pursue the relationship. If the person ignores your message or replies negatively, then accept that perhaps this relationship was never meant to last forever, no matter how much it might have positively impacted your life.

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