Rapid Roofing

August 23, 2017Diana Lengerson

Finding a roofing contractor that delivers consistent results and quality workmanship may require a little bit of research and trial and error. This is the reason why if you find a contractor like Rapid Roofing, you stick to them. With years of experience in the business, a loyal following of customers who rely on the company to provide speedy fixes for various roofing problems that stand the test of time, Rapid Roofing is no doubt one of the most trusted roofing service providers in Ann Arbor and Canton, MI. 

Rapid Roofing is a reliable company that has been a go-to contractor for my roofing needs. They offer the following services: 

1. installations 
2. roof tear off 
3. roofing repairs 
4. inspections 
5. fire damage treatment 
6. snow, rain or hail damage repair 
7. clean-ups 

Products include: 

vinyl and cement sidings 
metal roofing 

Rapid Roofing is a family owned enterprise and services local neighborhoods like mine. This is the reason why they can readily offer quality services, prompt responses and warranty-backed work because they are delivering these services to friends and neighbors. To give the best service, the company collaborates with third party suppliers to get the best deals in pricing so they can pass off these deals in the form of affordable pricing without sacrificing quality workmanship and reliable materials. I can see this in how good my roof looks now, how sturdy it is, and all these without burning a hole in my pocket. 

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