5 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Appliance Repair Professional

February 10, 2017Diana Lengerson


Photo by johny_deff, CC0 1.0

When it comes to your appliances, don’t you only want the best? You don’t want just anyone trying to repair your home appliances, especially when it comes to those that you spend tons of cash on. That would-be money down the drain if you don’t pick the most qualified technician in your area.

When you’re in need of appliance repair, you’ve got to keep the below factors in mind. These five qualifications are going to help you select the most qualified repair professional out there for your appliances. Read on to learn more!

  1. Corporate References

You will be able to ask appliance repair professionals for corporate references of past customers that are happy with their services. If they are a high quality professional, they will have plenty of references to hand to you. You will then be able to check with these references to ensure that the quality of the service was actually as high as you would expect.

Another way to check this out is by asking those around you if they have dealt with this professional. Your neighbors, other companies, or anyone who might have used their services before.

  1. Business Experience

Ask the professional how many years they’ve been in service before you make that decision. They will be able to tell you exactly how many years they have been operating. If they are just starting out, it might be a better decision to go with a professional that’s been operating for a longer amount of time. There’s a much better chance that the quality of their work will be high since they’ve continued to operate for such a long time.

  1. Emergency Hours

Imagine the worst-case scenarios. Your fridge breaks and your food is going to spoil soon without repairs. Or your dryer stops working, so you have no way to dry your clothes at the moment. Wouldn’t you rather go with a technician that has emergency hours when you need them the most?

You might not think this is important at the moment, but just wait until one of your home appliances breaks at the worst moment. If you don’t have a technician who’s available during those late or early hours, then you might be left out without that appliance for a while. And no one wants spoiled food!

  1. Same Day Service

Be sure to check if there are any technicians in the area who have same day service. This basically means that if you call early enough in the day, they’re going to be at your home in a jiffy on the same day. This could be a life-saver when you’re looking at a broken home appliance.

For example, if your fridge breaks down right as you’re making breakfast, you could easily call up a qualified technician who will be there right after lunch time. Perfect!

  1. Accreditation

Ensure that you’ve checked the professional’s accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This organization credits businesses that are high quality and provides information to potential customers about their high-quality customer service or low quality service. If the professional you’re looking at has a lower ranking on the BBB, you had better search around for better options. On the other hand, if they have a high ranking, it’s a good sign that they’re the best choice.

In terms of searching for the best home appliance professional, you’ve got to make the best choice possible. You’ve spent tons of money on these appliances, so you should only want the best repair man or woman working on it. Follow the above tips and you should be good to go!


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