You Are Minutes Away From Whiter and Brighter Teeth

May 8, 2017Diana Lengerson

Imagine being able to take years of stains off your teeth within the time frame of 45 minutes. Zoom! advanced teeth whitening system makes this possible. You can leave the dentist office with a whiter and brighter smile today.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System

Zoom! is an advanced teeth whitening system that can show positive results in as little as 45 minutes. It is a painless process that works as you relax in the dental office. There has never been an easier and faster process that is proven safe and effective.
In-Office Whitening

You can sit back and take it easy as the gel works wonders in bringing your teeth to the brilliant white you remember form years ago. It can reverse all the unsightly stains from food, drinks and smoking. Tough coffee stains are no match for the Zoom! system of whitening.
Home Whitening Kit

You can also take advantage of the home whitening treatment, if you prefer to do the process in ultimate comfort. A special tray is sized to fit your teeth and all you do is add the gel. Place it over the teeth and carry on most normal activities as the whitener begins to work. You will see amazing results within two weeks of home treatment.
Little to No Side Effects

There are very few side effects reported using the Zoom! tooth whitening system. The most common is sensitivity to cold for the brief period that the treatment is happening. This generally clears up once the whitening process is done. It is a safe and reliable way to bring back the brilliance of a whiter smile.
Results of 8 Times Whiter Teeth

Many patients show a stunning result of teeth that are 8 times brighter than when the treatment started. The treatment is affordable for most budgets and the results will last for years. Results might be less using the home treatment, but you should see dramatic improvement all the same.

Contact an expert Brooklyn dentist like Park Slope Dentistry and try the most advanced teeth whitening system yet!

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