Comprehensive and Complete Relief from Addictions

August 7, 2017Diana Lengerson

The social stigma that is associated with addictions makes it hard for anyone to willingly come forward to seek professional help. Addictions come in many forms and each has their own difficulties in reaching a point of recovery. Below are a few of the addiction programs that are offered at a comprehensive detox center.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances on earth. It is served at more social gatherings than nearly any other type of drink. Society encourages the use but fails to address the problems that can occur when an addiction becomes reality. The breakdown of inhibitions can lead to marital infidelity, serious arguments, broken families, destroyed relationships, DUI convictions and loss of employment. In short, alcohol abuse can ruin your life. You need a detox center that understands the withdrawal process from this substance.

Depressant Detox

Common depressants like alcohol, Xanax and Valium are addictive in nature and detox can be fatal if not carried out in the right manner. These substances tend to slow down the heart rate and breathing, but sudden depletion in the system can lead to seizures and brain bleeds. It is vital to detox in a safe and monitored environment for your overall health and well being. Getting these chemicals out of your body is the goal, but doing so at an acceptable rate for your body is key.

Opiate Detox

Abuse of opioids like heroin is rising at an alarming rate across the country. This addiction crosses all ethnic and financial barriers. Breaking free can be one of the most difficult mountains you have climbed in your life. Withdrawals can be nearly immediate and make you miserable. Medically supervised detox is important with this dangerous class of drugs. The shame and stigma that is associated with this addiction make it difficult for many to seek the help that is needed. Getting free of this addiction is needed to avoid the rash of deaths associated with tainted heroin. You do not need to become a statistic.

Technology Detox

There may be a snicker happen when you bring up technology addiction, but it can cause stress and strife in your life that is very real. It is nearly impossible to go into any public location and not see people spending all of their time glued to a smart phone or tablet. In truth, people are spending more and more time outside of the state of reality. Social media has become more important than actual relationships with friends and family. Texting and selfies are not activities that will go away anytime soon. It is quickly becoming one of the biggest reasons that relationships break up. Who wants to spend their time with someone that refuses to put down the smart phone?

Benzo Detox

Drugs that are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety, such as Xanax and Klonopin are easy for your body to become dependent on. The relaxing feel of these medications are needed to combat panic disorders, but eventually, your nervous system has to learn to calm down by more natural means. You can kick the habit of pharmaceuticals and train your body to relax with exercise, meditation, and other natural stress relieving activities. Your body can get back to a normal state without drugs.

Residential Stabilization

The detox process is merely the beginning of the road towards recovery. There can be long-lasting symptoms, depending on the individual, that need to be monitored and addressed for long term success. The range of residual symptoms can have an impact on getting back to normal life. Residential stabilization will provide a monitored environment to assess the ongoing needs of each patient. Being able to live life drug-free and symptom-free is the ultimate goal, but it may take some individuals a little longer to get there. Professional assessments are helpful in zeroing in on the perfect ongoing treatment plan.

Living Life Addiction Free

Every person is entitled to live a life free from addictions and to pursue help that is non-judgmental. It takes a great deal of courage to come forward and admit there may be a problem. Shaming and belittlement will only keep people stuck in the revolving door of failed recoveries. Developing the skills and strength needed to get back to a normal life are what successful treatment and detox are all about. You can look forward to a bright future once again. You will be a stronger person for having tackled the problem head-on.

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