Benefits of Undergoing a Hair Transplant for Healthier Looking Hair

July 10, 2018Diana Lengerson

Individuals that have thin or thinning hair should seriously consider undergoing a hair transplant procedure. This cosmetic procedure offers many benefits like healthier and more beautiful hair. The characteristics of your specific hair type are mostly due to genetics. Men that develop early onset thinning hair can usually name others in the family with the same trait. Both men and women can develop thinning hair due to a variety of reasons. Many individuals are reluctant to undergo hair restoration procedures because they fear that their new hair will look fake.

Innovative Hair Restoration Treatments Reveal Natural Results

Georgia residents that opt for a hair transplant Atlanta dermatologic surgeons now offer are thrilled with their natural hair results that look sensational. This procedure offers men and women with alopecia, referred to as hair loss, a beneficial treatment to restore their own hair which ends up being undetectable by others. These newer hair restoration procedures take hair growing in areas of the person’s body and transfer these hair grafts to the areas where balding or thinning of the hair is noticed.

How Hair Grafts and Transplants Work

The donor graft areas are typically low on the posterior scalp and neck, and the hair growing in those locations typically are not responsive to the hormone triggers that cause pattern baldness elsewhere. The best news is that these transferred hair grafts and transplanted hair will continue to grow as usual in the new location. During a hair transplant procedure, the doctor will carefully remove individual hairs from the patient’s own scalp and gently transplant them into the balding scalp areas. When the graft sites are not handled carefully, the results can look unnatural due to crooked alignments or scar development.

Advances in hair replacement and transplant procedures have enabled individuals with gradual hair thinning and loss to regain hair growth again. The impressive results look entirely natural, because the new hair is still the patient’s own original hair.

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