Treat Yourself Without Spending Too Much!

November 5, 2015Diana Lengerson

We all like to treat ourselves but we also don’t like to spend too much money. How can we find a successful in between where we can spoil ourselves without feeling guilty? Is it even possible? It absolutely can be if you know exactly where to look and how to budget efficiently!

As the weather gets cooler and we find ourselves heading indoors, why not try your hand at cooking and/or baking? Nothing beats a warm house filled the delicious scent of a home cooked meal. If you’re unsure of where to start, think about which meals you love to order at restaurants and try to find a similar recipe online or purchase cookbooks filled with similar food items at a local book store. Purchasing ingredients for your meals will almost always cost substantially less than dining out at a restaurant. Besides, you can be proud of your handiwork! And if it doesn’t come out great the first time, practice makes perfect and you’ll have all winter to hone your skills.

If you do need a break from the stove, check out Groupon Pages to find an affordable restaurant nearby to take a breather. Groupon Pages is a phenomenal new extension of Groupon that compiles restaurants nearby and details all of the crucial information you need to know, i.e. hours of operation, address, whether they accommodate dietary restrictions, children, and large groups, if they deliver or have take out, and their price range. Simply type in the food you’re craving into the search bar and where you’re located and Groupon Pages will do the work for you.

For example, if you’re dying for some Chinese food in San Francisco, perhaps San Tung Chinese Restaurant will fit your fancy. According to the site it’s affordable, has vegetarian, gluten free, and kids options, and provides delivery and takeout. Better yet, Groupon Pages offers deals and discounts at certain restaurants, so you can save even more!

Another fantastic way to treat yourself without spending too much money is by signing up for your favorite clothing sites’ emails. Many shopping sites will email exclusive discounts to their members so you can purchase that pair of shoes or sweater you’ve been staring at all autumn at a reduced price. Even better, most email sign ups are free! Is there anything better than having deals sent straight to you without even having to move a finger? I think not!

So don’t worry about feeling guilty about spending money now that you know exactly how to save it while still having fun!

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