Questions to Ask a Pallet Dealer

March 28, 2018Diana Lengerson

Buying new pallets is something that most people think will be easy. That is why they often do not put a lot of thought into it. However, you will be depending on these pallets that you will be using every day to move items at your business. Therefore, you cannot afford to buy any pallets that are substandard. You owe it to yourself to put some effort into finding the highest quality pallets that are for sale in your area. Here are some of the questions that you should pose to any pallet dealer you are thinking about doing business with.

1. What is the weight limit for each type of pallet that you sell?

There are different types of pallets. Some are made with more pieces of wood that are thicker and able to support more weight than some of the smaller pallets. Therefore, you should always be aware of how much weight you will be able to safely place on a pallet. Knowing the weight limit of the pallets you buy will reduce the possibility of a pallet breaking apart and causing people to get injured.

2. What types of pallets do you sell?

It would be a good idea to have the dealer show you every pallet that he currently has in his inventory. This will make it easier for you to find the exact pallet you are searching for. Not all pallets are made from wood. For example, you might be interested in buying some plastic pallets for the pharmaceutical industry. Having the dealer show you all of the various pallets might allow you to discover a type that you have never seen before. You do not have anything to lose by doing this.

3. Do you offer any sort of warranty on the pallets that you sell?

The pallets you buy might break as soon as you get them back to your warehouse. You need to be sure that you are protected in case something like this happens. Therefore, you should insist that all of the pallets you buy come with a warranty. This will ensure that any damaged pallets will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Some dealers might try to sell you several different cheaper pallets that do not have a warranty. However, it is always better to pay a little extra for the protection that a warranty gives to you.

4. What is the best price you can give to me?

Do not be afraid to haggle with a pallet dealer. You will find that some dealers will be more than willing to negotiate a price with you. You also need to discuss the cost of having the pallets delivered to your warehouse.

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